10 Important Factors To Consider When Buying T-Shirts

Buying T Shirts

T-shirts have always been everyone’s favorite. We don’t think there will be any people who will say they do not have a single t-shirt. It is one of the most comfortable and goes for any event type of apparel. 

T-shirts usually fall in the casual apparel category, but that does not mean you will buy a t-shirt casually. For getting the most comfortable, there are several things you should look for when buying a t-shirt. 

Important Factors To Consider When Buying T-Shirts

You just can not walk into the store and pick up any t-shirt. When you are spending your money on apparel that is supposed to offer you the most comfortable and you are going to wear it on almost any type of occasion. 

So, here are some factors you should consider while buying a t-shirt. Let’s go through the crucial things you should check out at the store. 

Material And Fabric Type

Material or the fabric type should always be your first and foremost priority while choosing a t-shirt. Whether the fabric is cotton, rayon, or poly crepe, in case you cannot check the fabric type, never hesitate to ask for help. 

Read through the description tag, where the size and price are mentioned. If you failed to find the material or fabric type, directly ask the store associate to guide you. 

Size And Fit

Isn’t it obvious that you will check the size and fit of the apparel you are buying? Though you might be spending really less, try the t-shirt before heading towards the billing counter. You might know your size, but different brands offer different fits for the same size.

In addition to that, as per the designs, the fit also varies sometimes. So, check the size of the t-shirt of your choice, and try it on before buying it. 

Printed Design

If you are in love with different types of prints, you must pay a little more attention to this section. The print might look great on the mannequin, but it might not suit you the same way. You also might not like the print that much after putting it on. 

So, consider the printed design. Which type of print do you want or suit you the most? Fill your shopping cart as per that.  


Why are you suddenly buying another t-shirt? Okay, is there any occasion? Is it a friends reunion? Or you are going to protest for #BlackLivesMatter. You should choose a t-shirt as per the occasion. 

For a beach outing, beach print t-shirts will be suitable. On the other hand, pro-black pride shirts or t-shirts will do a great job if you are protesting. 

Cut Of The T-Shirt And Styles

The cut of the t-shirts and styles should be your next priority while choosing a t-shirt. Check the neckline, the overall cut, and the style of the piece you have already selected. 

As we have mentioned earlier, based on the cut and style of the t-shirt, the size can be different for a particular piece of apparel. 

Color Of The T-shirt

Obviously, you will check the color. Often due to the special lighting effect of the store, some colors offer an illusion of different shades. You have to be careful here. 

If possible, check the color where the lighting is more natural and not the usual LED one. Or, it will be best to take the receipt if you like to exchange it. 

Sewing Construction

Check through the sewing construction of the t-shirt. Whether all the threads are in the proper place or there is any sort of defect – Why will you pay for a defective piece? 

The stitching should be strong, and tights. Otherwise, there is a chance; threads might get loose after a couple of washes. Ensure the quality before paying the bill. 

Fabric Quality, Shrinkage, Construction, Color Fading, And Pilling

Apart from checking the fabric type and material, check the fabric quality. For example, there are different types of quality in cotton fabrics. You will always want the t-shirt you are buying to be of the quality worth the money you are spending. 

Care Label

Check the care label of the specific piece you are thinking of buying. Some clothes work just fine with machine wash, while some are recommended for hand wash.

Do not put your money on something that you will not be able to take care of properly. In case you find the taking care guidelines impractical for you, leave that one, and look for another. 


Now come to one of the most crucial factors. You choose a t-shirt, the color, design, prints are perfect for the occasion of the event which is coming. 

Also, the fabric type, overall quality are nice. It also fits you perfectly. Now check whether it is suiting your budget or not. 


Any kind of fashion selection is really hectic. We can understand. The same goes for selecting the perfect t-shirt. Especially if you are too picky about buying apparel, things can be difficult for you. 

In order to make your shopping a little easier, here we have come up with some most common questions along with their solutions. We hope these will make your task a bit simpler without any further challenges. 

Q1:What Should I Look For In A Good T-shirt?

Selecting a t-shirt design is indeed hard. Though you might have chosen the design, there are several more things that you should consider apart from looking at the size and price tag. We have already covered the factors you should consider while buying a t-shirt.

Still, here we are, including some additional points, you can check to get the best t-shirt that is worth the amount you are spending on it. 

  • Total comfort.
  • Wearability.
  • Weight.
  • Customizability. 

Q2: What Factors Should Be Considered In T-shirt Printing?

When you are going for customizable t-shirt printing, there are several things you have to look after to get the best of it. Customization printing takes more money than the usual ones. 

The last thing you will want is to settle for something lesser than what you are actually spending. Follow the below-mentioned things. 

  • Occasion or a specific event.
  • The style.
  • Printing type.
  • Apparel options.
  • Obviously, the size. 

Buy The Perfect T-Shirt

We hope the earlier mentioned guidelines will help you in choosing the perfect piece you were looking for. You should give special attention to the fabric type or material, size and fit, and obviously the price you are paying for it.


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