10 Simple Tips for Making Your Videos Look More Professional


This is a golden era of videos where people are not just limited to film and television. Now, videos are everywhere. From online banners and billboards to messaging apps and social media feeds, the video fever has taken over with no field escaping.

That’s why it has become crucial to create videos that are not just attractive but even professional-looking. Creating fantastic video content will open the doors to an entirely new world of possibilities and expand your scope of work in different fields.

So, are you ready to jump-start your journey as a video editor? If yes, then go through these 10 simple tips that will help you make your videos look professional and take your creativity to the next level.

1. Have the Right Plan Handy

Yes, specific videos can be made spontaneously. However, the process is not always pretty and easy. Hence, the best advice is to come up with the right script or the perfect outline. The right plan will help you in deciding what you need to film.

Take the time out to prepare your video content properly, as meticulous planning will ensure results that meet your expectations. You can start by defining the goals and purpose of your video and who it is aimed towards.

Also, decide on what you are looking to communicate. Once you have an objective defined, get the storyboard together and start shooting the script.

2. Use Good Lighting

Of course, lighting plays a vital role in the quality of finished videos. Hence, it is crucial that you make it one of the top priorities while filming your video. Failing to use sufficient and properly placed lighting can make your video look amateurish despite the fact that it is great in all other ways.

Use natural light to film your video but make sure to get the footage in the evening or morning when the light is soft. Shooting on cloudy days would be perfect for footage that needs to be shot in the middle of the day.

Avoid overhead lighting when shooting indoors and use windows for natural sources of light.

3. Know the Target Audience

The whole world will naturally not be your target audience. You will have to cut down on the people who can turn out as genuine buyers of your products and services. This will help you understand who you need to talk to.

This requires having a very clear vision of the ideal viewers so you can create a message targeted towards them within your video. Remember, your knowledge of the audience will determine your script, your video location, and your editing.

4. Pick the Perfect Background

The background of your video has a significant impact on its overall quality. It can even help in putting forward the right message. The background of your video also complements the image of your brand.

Hence you must choose the right background for your video. Choosing the right background will, to an extent, depend on the type of video content you are creating, its basic purpose, and the target audience.

5. Leverage the Power of Emotions

Emotions drive the viewers towards following your video till the end. Emotions are powerful in getting reactions from the viewers. These reactions can be anything from sharing your content and subscribing to your channel to purchasing your product.

So, it works to read up on different ways of triggering emotional reactions by way of videos. Use emotions strategically, and it will naturally entice the audience towards promoting your products and services to others.

6. Make Sure to Use the Perfect Camera

The camera is probably one of the most significant equipment you would require to make your videos look professional. The part or complete quality of your video depends on the camera you use.

However, this does not mean that you must always go for expensive equipment. You may also consider the affordable options provided they have the features you require to shoot high-quality and professional videos.

Well, there is nothing more brilliant than shooting your video on Google Pixel or an iPhone. Get a separate microphone and get going with the process of making professional videos without spending much.

7. The Video Editing Software- How Can You Forget It?

Speaking of creating professional videos, there is nothing that works as beneficially as video editing software. There are many in the market, making it easy to choose one. Choose a good one like InVideo and transform raw footage into something great.

When choosing software, pay attention to those with features like adding text to videos, trimming and cropping videos, adding overlays and filters, scene transitions, the ability to change aspect ratio, and stock library of sounds and videos.

8. Composition- It’s Important

There is no other element as crucial as composition in the field of visual arts. Every artwork follows a certain guideline aimed towards guiding the attention of the viewer across frames. In the case of video content, you will have to follow the rule of thirds.

It requires imagining a 3-3 grid layout on the scene and placing key elements or subjects over the grid lines. This trick will have a major influence on how people take in your content.

9. Shaky Footages: Avoid Them Completely

Always keep in mind that any shaky footage will make your professional video appear like a home shoot. This will automatically have the viewers retarding from watching your content.

The best is to use a set of cameras on a sturdy surface or a tripod to avoid shaky footage in your video.

10. How Can You Forget Music?

Good music is one of the most significant parts of your video. You must work on it seriously if you want your video to catch the target audience’s attention. You do not have to put in a lot of money in creating music like the professional filmmakers do but make sure to add copyright-free music.

The Bottom Line

Follow the tips mentioned above, and you are all set to make your videos look more professional and attention-grabbing. Practice the tips sincerely, and you will surely make videos that the audiences will love.


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