3 Ways to Distract Yourself from Eating Junk Food

Eating Junk Food

Whether you have been advised by your doctor to cut down on sugary snacks and food containing a high number of calories, or you are simply looking to make changes to your diet for a healthier body, one thing is certain: junk food is something to be avoided where possible

Especially for people with a busy lifestyle, it is often much easier to grab takeout or ready-made food rather than spending valuable time every evening making a meal. However, opting for unhealthy food like this on a regular basis is sure to take its toll on your health. With this in mind, continue reading to learn the three top ways to distract yourself from eating junk food so that you might be able to make better dietary choices.

1. Drink More Water

Although this seems like a blander and substantially more boring alternative to a pizza, it has been scientifically proven that often, when a person feels hungry, they are actually thirsty instead. Like many people across the world, if you are simply unable to make yourself drink pints of water every day, thankfully, there are several healthy alternatives that will still fulfill your cravings.

Such alternatives could include green tea – which will not only rehydrate your body but has also been linked to helping reduce blood pressure – as well as iced fruit tea (as long as you make it at home as store-bought iced tea can be high in calories. What’s more, low-calorie skimmed milk is a great replacement for regular milk, as it contains not only a high level of calcium but also protein and vitamin D as well. 

2. Try Not to Smoke More to Compensate

There is an often-stated opinion among smokers that the act of smoking a cigar or cigarette works as a type of appetite suppressant. Whether this is true or not, it is certainly ill-advised to smoke more – that is sure to wreak havoc on your health.

Instead of smoking, you could instead schedule a couple of vape breaks throughout the day if you are someone who enjoys the experience of vaping – especially when you are tempted by junk food and snacks. 

For the vapers among you, always be sure to order from a renowned vendor with a good reputation, such as suppliers like redjuice.co.uk, which offers a wide variety of vaping equipment, accessories, and different kinds of vape juice. 

Never opt for a cheap, questionable site – some are known to sell low-quality and even unsafe vaping equipment, which is why it’s crucial to check that your chosen vape store is indeed legitimate with glowing reviews.

3. Monitor Your Stress Levels

Healthy eating is as much an emotional state of mind as a physical avoidance of unhealthy foods. One trigger for many people who seem unable to resist eating a high volume of junk food such as chocolate, burgers, fries, and cakes is that they are looking for solace and instant pleasure from the feeling of eating such foods due to the stress in their lives.

For this reason, taking care of your emotional health and wellbeing and paying particular attention to your stress levels is an exceedingly positive step towards strengthening your commitment to eating healthier and extending your life.


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