4 Brilliant Ways To Look For The Perfect Bridal Hair Piece


Since ancient times, women have used hair accessories as symbols of blessings and strength for various occasions. During the pre-colonial times in North America, women wear beaks, feathers, and bones during bridal ceremonies. Bridal hair pieces were also used during the 1700s when women expressed their femininity and grace through lavish hair arrangements. This trend transcended through time since modern women still adorn their hair with different hair accessories to add more charm and glamour during special occasions. 

Bridal hair pieces have become a very important part of a bride’s outfit during her special day. If you plan to wear one in your upcoming wedding, here are several pointers that you must keep in mind to get the right hair piece that suits you. 

#1: Determine Your Personal Style

When looking for bridal hair accessories, you must always consider your personal style and the style that you want to achieve during your wedding day. 

If you aim to achieve a more dreamy and romantic look, you may choose a dainty flower comb or hair vine with tiny flowers to achieve the style you want. If you are a risk-taker, you may settle for a dramatic statement hair piece. If you want a nature-inspired look for your garden or beach wedding, you may choose a simple yet elegant flower crown. 

#2: Evaluate Your Hairstyle 

The second most important thing you need to consider when looking for your wedding day’s ideal bridal hair piece is how you want to style your hair for your big day. As much as possible, you must delay shopping for a headpiece if you are still unsure about how you want to wear your hair. 

It is also necessary to think about your hair strands’ thickness when buying your ideal headpiece. While the Townsville hairdressers know how to place your chosen hair accessory, it would help if you veer away from heavy or bulky accessories if you have thinner hair.  

#3: Find Inspiration From Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress will always be the highlight of your look during your big day. So make sure that the rest of your accessories will complement your dress. If you opted to get a simple dress with little to no embellishments, you could play a little with your bridal hair piece by getting sparkly or colourful headwear. 

Meanwhile, you need to tame down your hair accessory if you chose a wedding gown with elaborate embellishments. You also need to pick bridal hair accessories based on your dress’s colour to tie up your entire look. 

#4: Check Out The Trending Colour 

Bridal hair pieces must not stray too far away from your motif and your wedding dress. So most brides pick silver-coloured accessories to add more sparkle to their hair. 

While you may also pick silver hair accessories, you may also consider other colours like yellow gold, rose gold, and opal. Gold looks great with off-white, ivory, or champagne dresses. You only need to ensure that all the other accessories you will use for the day are also made from gold. You may also base your option on the colour motif of your event.  

After considering these factors, you can start looking for your ideal hair piece based on the style that you want. You may either choose a bridal hair comb or a hair clip, a tiara, a headband, hair vines, or a head flower. You may also try to experiment by using two types of hair piece for a more interesting look. 


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