4 Impressive Yet Functional Investments For Pools During Winter Holidays


When you picture yourself in the pool with your kids, you probably think of a sunny afternoon sipping fruit mocktail. But, many don’t picture themselves during the winters. 

A backyard pool is a big investment for homeowners, so naturally, you wish to have plenty of enjoyment throughout the year. And, fortunately, several upgrades let you use your swimming pool even when the outside temperature starts to dip. 

So, let’s scroll down and know about these upgrades:-

#1. Solar Pool Cover


The primary reason for adding a solar pool cover with an efficient pool cover reel is its ability to maintain the temperature of pool water at 10-15 degrees higher than what’s outside. 

It works by trapping the heat from sun rays into the bubbles and then transferring it to the pool water. The efficiency of your solar pool cover depends on the following factors:

  • Intensity and number of hours of sunlight—The more, the better it is
  • Color of the Solar Cover— Dark color traps more heat
  • Number of Bubbles—The more bubbles, the higher the heat trapped 

As the solar pool cover heats the pool water, without the need for a pool heater, it eventually saves on energy bills. If your geographic location does not receive much heat during the winters, then you can consider installing a pool enclosure to create a cozy ambiance while you have a great time with your family. 

#2. Patio Cover


Winter pool time doesn’t always mean you have to stay in the water throughout the day. Thus, the reason you need to consider installing a patio cover that lets you have a cozy time by the poolside on a winter afternoon, enjoying a hot cup of coffee. 

The patio cover is a way to create a separate barbecue & recreation area, so you invite your neighbors and friends over for a pool party. 

You can even go that extra mile in setting up a gaming console under the patio cover to double the fun. 

If you are planning to sell your house soon, then also adding a beautiful patio cover will increase your property’s market value. 

The patio cover can be customized and seamlessly blends with the aesthetics of your property. 

#3. Firepit

An outdoor fireplace by the poolside seems incredible, especially on a wintery evening. Fire & water creates a dramatic aura, and it will act as a beautiful focal point at your property. It is an attention-grabber, and has various benefits:

  • A fire pit acts as an ideal spot for you to chat with your friends. 
  • The flame from the outdoor firepit can be used to cook tasty marshmallows. 
  • The ambiance created by a fireplace is relaxed & informal.
  • The addition of a classic fire pit will boost the value of your property.  

Make sure you construct the fire pit on a stable, fireproof floor. Choose the right type of fuel. If the outdoor fireplace is prefab, then the manufacturer will advise. Keep any flammable object away from the outdoor fireplace to avoid any mishap. 

The various options for the fireplace include the wood-burning grill, propane fire pits, natural gas firepits, and so much more. First, have a budget in mind, then reach out to firepit construct to know designs you can have within your budget. 

#4. Get a Hot Tub or Spa

Constructing a hot tub or a spa is an aqua retreat that has numerous therapeutic effects on the body & mind. The bubbling warm water creates a relaxed environment for you to unwind physically & mentally. If you or anyone in your family is aching back, the spa provides that much-needed relief. For maximum effect, position your body against the hydrotherapy jets.

Hydrotherapy supports enhanced blood circulation, which further means efficient transportation of oxygen & nutrients throughout the body. Supporting the muscle recovery and body’s recovery process. 

The pool spas fall into two broad categories, one is the in-ground and the other being the portable pool spa. The latter is the most preferred, cost-effective choice, compared to an inground pool that can be personalized as your preference. The inground pool spas are built to last and constructed out of the finest-quality steel or concrete material. But the construction time is much longer than a prefab hot tub. Compared to a pre-made hot tube, the cost of operation for an in-ground spa is much higher. 

So, once you know these amazing ways you can love pool time in winters, it’s time to stop dreaming and starting planning your perfect pool!


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