4 Tips to Choose the Right One-Piece Swimwear

Piece Swimwear

When thinking of lazing in the pool or tanning by the beachside, getting the right swimwear is a must. What better than rocking a figure-flattering and fashionable one piece swimwear with the right coverage and comfort.  

You can have endless one-piece options in different styles, colours, prints, patterns, and price ranges. It can be the ideal swimwear choice if you seek modesty and practicality. However, finding the right fit is crucial to feeling comfortable and confident. 

Some tips are given below to help you choose the right one-piece swimsuit.

Know your body type

There are different body types, and you must choose a one-piece swimwear that flatters and enhances your figure. A sleek black one-piece swimsuit will highlight your curves if you have an hourglass shape with hips and shoulders in equal proportion and a slim waist. Moreover, avoiding strapless styles and bold patterns is best, which could make your body less flattering. 

If you have an apple-shaped figure with fuller busts and mid-section and narrow hips, choose swimwear that will balance your proportions. So, slimming one-piece swimsuits with built-in shapewear will smooth the bulges and make you feel more confident. You can also go with ruched-waisted one-piece swimsuits to define your hips and chest and create a more balanced appearance.

For someone with a pear-shaped body, with thighs and hips wider than bust and shoulder, a halter top or strapless one-piece swimsuit will be the best choice. If you have a rectangular-shaped body, go for cut-outs, plunging necklines, and ruffles to create the illusion of curves. You may also try colour-blocked designs and exciting prints to play with.

Choice of colours and prints

There are no rules when the choice of colour is concerned. You can opt for any bold colour highlighting your curves and giving off a fun vibe. Further, don’t hesitate to experiment with navy, mustard, or burgundy shades if you want something chic. To create a slimmer silhouette, black can be the best option. Moreover, it should not necessarily be restricted to black; opting for purple or navy hues will also work fine.  

White gives a modern and fresh vibe which can be an excellent choice for dark or tanned skin tones. When it comes to one-piece swimwear, the options in exotic and flattering prints are endless. You can choose tropical or floral prints for your getaway on a tropical island. If you are not much of a fan of prints, go for stripes for a bold nautical look.


The choice of fabric is vital as your swimwear must make you look flattering and comfortable. Further, it must be suitable for all your needs and activities. For example, if you spend a lot of time in swimming pools, the chlorinated water could damage your swimwear. So, it’s best to choose a durable fabric like polyester. If fit and comfort are your priorities, spandex or nylon will work fine for you. You should also remember that investing in a thicker fabric is a wise decision to increase durability and prevent sagging or losing the shape of the swimwear. 

Size up or down

The size of your swimwear may vary according to styles and brands. The choice of your activity may also affect the sizing. Some fabrics get stretched when wet, which creates an unflattering look. Hence, staying true to size or sizing down could be better if you spend a lot of time in the water. You can size up and be comfortable throughout the day if you want to opt for a tan or play any sport.

Choosing the right swimwear makes one feel sexy, stylish, and glamorous. Before buying the one piece swimsuit of your choice, go through the points mentioned above and let your inner diva shine during your much-anticipated summer holidays.


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