4 Ways to Choose a Delivery Truck for Your Small Business

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If your business offers deliveries, you understand that good logistics is crucial to the success of your brand. Customers have various demands, and you have to ensure their satisfaction.   

If your business promises to deliver a customer’s packages within 24 hours, then these packages must be on their doors on or before the deadline. Otherwise, you may expect to lose them quickly.  

With that in mind, you must choose your delivery trucks properly. You need to know the specific trucks you need before heading to truck sales and acquiring some for your business. Without further ado, here are the different types of trucks and what you need to know. 

Box truck 

Box trucks are regular delivery trucks, serving the logistics industry for many years. If your business sells bulky products, such as huge furniture and appliances, this type of truck is a perfect choice. These trucks are made to hold both regular and fragile items. 

Moreover, these trucks are made to run on suburbs’ narrow roads and busy streets. So, these trucks are good if you need to deliver products to remote or squeezed areas.  

Furthermore, these trucks have ramps and rolled-up doors; they offer easy access to goods upon reaching the destination. With that being said, it would be easier for the delivery team to offload the products even if they have various items to be delivered to different places on a single trip. 


LTL means less than truckload services. These trucks are used to carry loads with a maximum weight of two tons. This makes the truck ideal for several small shipments that will be delivered to different locations. This is a good decision if you want to ship some products and can’t wait for freight brokers. 

Many small retailers want to expedite their shipping to satisfy their customers’ expectations, making LTL vehicles in demand. 

Multi-stop truck 

If you are delivering goods regularly, it is crucial to have a reliable truck service. The distance can be a great factor in delivering. You may need a truck capable of long-distance travels and a large capacity for products to be delivered at various locations.  

This is where you need a multi-stop trick. UPS and Fed-Ex trucks are the best examples of multi-stop trucks. This type of truck is great for the business that delivers physical retail goods and various food supplies. 

However, compared to box trucks, multi-stop trucks are more challenging to handle on narrow streets but still an efficient logistic choice. 

Cargo van 

This truck is smaller compared to multi-stops and carries less cargo. However, if you need to deliver fewer parcels to various locations faster, then a cargo van is the best option. 

The size of the cargo van is perfect for tight spaces. With that in mind, if you need to deliver some items to a business through its backdoor, a cargo van will give you the ease of driving through alleyways. 

Having an idea about different delivery trucks will help you choose the best one for your small business. It is best to try our several options to see which one works best for your needs. Choose a reliable truck dealer that offers truck sales to help you jumpstart your business without spending a fortune. 

Moreover, don’t hesitate to talk to the truck dealer’s people to know more about the truck’s specifications and other important information.


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