5 Benefits Of Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Washing hands with soap and water is a well-known way to keep them clean and virus-free. When there is no access to water, a hand sanitiser is the best way to keep the hands clean. A few drops of hand sanitiser with at least 60% of alcohol poured on the palms and rubbed together till dry can kill all the germs. The alcohol in the sanitiser quickly kills the microorganisms on the hand. A mini hand sanitiser dispenser is a device that dispenses a pre-measured amount of hand sanitiser.

Automatic sanitiser dispenser

The automatic sanitiser dispenser is a motion-sensor based dispenser. The touchless operation makes people more confident about using the sanitiser dispenser. The in-built sensor senses the hand motion below the nozzle and opens the valve to dispense the sanitiser. The dispensers are placed on counters, wall-mounted or free-standing on the floor, and the automatic hand sanitiser dispensers have become the most sought after products in commercial places, educational institutions and healthcare centres.


The dispensers are completely touchless and only require people to place their hands below the sensor. The sensor directs the dispenser to automatically dispense the necessary amount of the solution. There is no need to hold or touch the bottle to pour a few drops on the hands. Touching the bottle may cause the viruses and germs to spread from one person’s hand to the bottle and then to another person who handles the bottle to dispense the solution.

Compatible design

The sanitiser dispensers are available in various sizes and designs. They can be mounted on the wall, placed on a table or stand freely on a pole or stand. It is easily accessible to everyone and eliminates the need to move the dispenser from place to place for people to use it. It is suitable for the use of adults and children. The dispenser’s design supports contactless hand sanitising in public areas and prevents virus infection.


The sanitiser dispenser is powered in two ways. If it is a permanent installation, it is connected to a DC plug, and the cordless dispenser uses batteries for power. The sanitiser bottle inside the dispenser is refillable, and a drip tray can be mounted below the dispenser to prevent messy spills. It is easier to use when compared to traditional sanitiser bottles.

Standard amount

The most significant benefit of an automatic dispenser is that it dispenses a standard amount to clean the hands. As it is sprayed directly on the hands, there is less wastage of sanitiser solution. The manual sanitiser bottles may dispense more than what is required to clean the hands once.

Choosing the right dispenser

Free-standing or wall-mounted dispensers are ideal for high traffic areas, suitable for large office buildings and warehouses. They can hold one litre of sanitising gel used for more than 1200 applications.

Small battery-operated dispensers suit the reception areas and foyers. They have a stylish look and come in different colours. They are easily moved to any location as desired and are helpful in areas with less traffic.

A mini hand sanitiser dispenser is a handy device used in small offices, shops and homes.  Some sanitiser dispensers are turned On/Off easily by integrating them with virtual assistants. Using a sanitiser dispenser is a very economical option, and the ease of use triggers people to utilise it without any fear or hesitation.


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