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Can you remember the first time when you saw someone doing a smoke trick? Perhaps you were just a kid and watched your uncle showing off, or you watched a movie. Anyway, you were indeed amazed. Undoubtedly, smoke tricks are charming and cool. 

You’ve probably seen people doing tricks with cigarette smoke and thought that vapers could do them better. That’s true. Cigarette smoke is weak and limited. Besides that, if you inhale it that much, you could have problems. Vaping allows you to take the tricks to a new level

Many people vape only for entertainment, and they are serious about performing amazing tricks. But every vaper should learn some tricks and take the vaping experience to a new level. So here are some of the coolest tricks every smoker should know. 

1. O’s or smoke rings 

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People love this unique trick even though many think that it’s old and not that cool anymore. The first smoke trick you ever saw was probably a smoke ring. But besides that, many people still don’t know how to do this trick, and others think it’s perhaps effortless and boring.

The truth is, blowing O’s is not that simple if you don’t practice. If you want to practice and master it, you can use a high quality simpsons bong before switching to the vape mod. But even with bongs, you need to know how to hold your tongue and lips. 

The easiest way to master this trick is to take a pull and keep it in your mouth while it becomes steady, then you form an “O” shape with your lips. Before you push vapor with pulsing motions, keep your tongue at the bottom of the mouth. 

2. The Dragon trick

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If you master smoke rings, the dragon trick will be one of the easiest vape tricks you ever attempted. Even though it is pretty easy, it can impress people around you. Especially people in your circles that are also vapers. 

The best thing about this trick is that you will look like a raging beast that spits fire. As we already mentioned, some tricks are impossible without a quality vape pen and e-liquid with a perfectly balanced PG to VG ratio. The Dragon trick is one of them. 

For this trick, you need thick and dense clouds and lots of vapor. First, you need to pull it, then blow it through different parts of your body. You need to use both nostrils and corners of your mouth. Exhaling vapor through nostrils is easy, and almost every vaper knows how to do it. 

But you need to practice delivering vapor through the corners of your mouth. Be sure to keep the center of your lips gently closed and pull as much vapor as you can before you blow it. When you master that, you will surely be able to blow vapor from all four parts simultaneously. 

3. The Jellyfish trick

Jellyfish trick is also known as upgraded O or mushroom cloud. The basis of this trick is the previously mentioned O or smoke ring trick. You need to master it and be able to make larger O’s. When you succeed, you need to use your hands to slow down a large O immediately after you blow it. 

The next step is to upgrade the center of the large O with a gently puffed vapor. The final reproduction of the vapor cloud must look like jellyfish or mushroom for you to succeed. It takes a little time to master this trick. But when you master it, you will be the most extraordinary person in your vaping community.

4. Liquid Mist trick

Liquid Mist is a trick for vapers that want to show off. Not because it’s more complicated than any other trick, but because Liquid Mist serves to impress your friends or family on a Saturday evening while you’re taking a sip of beer or whiskey. 

You’ll need a half-full glass of beer or whiskey to perform this trick, so enjoy your drink before you wow everyone. When you see a half-full glass, you need to pull as much vapor as you can and keep it inside your mouth. 

Then touch the rims of glass, like you’re taking a small sip, and gently blow the vapor inside a glass. The vapor inside the glass will look like a magic potion. 

5. Tornado trick

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The tornado is possibly the most straightforward trick in the vaping world after O’s. This trick requires only the good vape mod, and your hands will do the rest of the job. When we say good vape mod, we don’t think of expensive ones. 

You just need to have a vape mod that can produce still and thick vapor. Tornado tricks can be performed only on flat surfaces. All you have to do is blow the thick vapor on a surface and use your hand to twist it. The only catch is to learn to do both things simultaneously. 


Vaping is unquestionably more interesting when you can dazzle people around you with your unique skills. If you want to be a vape trick master, you need to practice choosing the perfect device and suitable e-liquid.

Vape juices with a higher VG ratio are ideal for people who enjoy doing tricks. You need to be patient, and you’ll surely learn these impressive and stylish vape tricks.





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