5 Effective Anxiety Exercises for a Long-Haul Flight


Surviving a long-haul flight with anxiety isn’t as easy you might perceive. The fear of the situation getting out of control can be mentally devastating. What if there is massive air turbulence that strikes the aeroplane or a terrorist holding the passengers at ransom? All such thoughts make you feel stressed and anxious. 

To ease the anxiety on a long flight, here we’ve put forth five exercises that may help you find relief and relaxation. 

  1. Relax by Breathing

Whenever you get anxious, you probably experience an increased heart rate, and your breathing may become a tad faster. You are likely to somewhat feel dizzy, start to sweat or get lightheaded. So, now it’s the time to get your breathing under control to tame your anxiety. 

Sit quietly, and breathe deeply more than your chest. Breathe through the mouth swiftly. You must repeat the process of breathing ten times until you experience a dip in your anxiety levels. 

If you enrol for fear of flying course, they’ll always teach you different calming techniques for a comfortable long-haul flight.  

2. Relax by Visualizing

You popularly heard the quote “Finding Your Happy Place.” All you’ve to do is visualize being anywhere in the world where you feel relaxed. The place can be real or imaginary; it should be safe, relaxing, and happy. 

You must think of the small details, in case you were there. For instance, the sound, smell, & feel. Envision everything; it’s like creating your dream world. 

When you are in the happy world, breathe slowly through your nose and out of the mouth. Visit this same place whenever you feel anxious during a long air trip. 

3. Relax by Counting

Counting is amongst the most effective ways to ease anxiety. Whenever you are anxious, start counting, but slowly till 10. Then, repeat it, till 20 or even go for a higher number. 

Keep on counting until the anxiety goes away. For many, relief from anxiety is immediate; for some individuals, it takes time. So, you’re required to be a little patient. 

4. Relax Your Muscles

Whenever there is tension in the muscles or strain, you’ll feel a lot of anxiety. The muscle on the stress even makes managing anxiety tough. By relieving muscle anxiety, you can lower your anxiety levels. 

To quickly release your muscle tension, close your eyes slowly and focus on your breathing. You need to breathe slowly through the nose and breath out via the mouth. 

Use your hands to make a tight fist. Remain it in the position for a few seconds until you feel all tension in your hands. 

Now open your fingers and feel them slowly. You’ll experience tension leaving your hands. 

5. Relax by Interrupting Your Anxious Mind

Well, this one is a slightly tricky exercise when in the middle of a flight feeling anxious. Sometimes, the anxiety within us makes us believe so many thoughts which are not true. 

So, you’ve to break the anxious thought process. To upbeat, you must sing a silly song, choose a nice thought to think of, start listening to your favourite music or read a book.  

Anxiety can intrude one’s mind and create fearful thoughts. But, you know you can beat anxiety; try any of these five exercises whenever you’re caught up in it. 


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