5 Essential Tips to Find Your Perfect Pumping Bra

pumping bra

Are you a breastfeeding mom who is going back to work and needs to keep pumping throughout the day? So many postpartum women today face the dilemma of trying to find the time at work to pump breastmilk so their supply doesn’t decrease over time, and so they don’t have to cut their breastfeeding journey short.

Thanks to advanced technology, you can now get a pump session in without having to leave your office or cubicle. If you do choose to get a portable breast pump or hands-free pump, you need to make sure you have a good pumping bra to go along with it. A pump/nursing bra is a game changer for moms who pump. We are going to go over some of the essentials to watch out for when you’re shopping for the best pumping bra on the market so you can be as comfortable as possible when you go back to work.

1. Comfort is key.


One of the most important things to look for when you’re shopping for the best pumping bra is comfort. Since you’re most likely going to be wearing these on a daily basis, you want to make sure you’re comfortable while you’re pumping hands-free. It’s also widely known among lactation specialists that being comfortable while nursing or pumping actually results in higher milk production. The more relaxed your body is, the more breast milk you are likely to produce, whether you’re using a traditional pump or a wearable breast pump.

Try to look for a bra with soft cup fabric that is stretchy and has adjustable straps. Breasts often change in size throughout the day as your milk supply builds up, so it’s important to get a bra with stretchy fabric to accommodate those changes. If you use a nipple shield, try to find a bra that can accommodate that as well.

2. Versatility is a plus.

There are pumping bras on the market that are versatile. Whether you want one that resembles a sports bra or a typical underwire bra, you should be able to find a pumping bra that can achieve both goals with a few adjustments.

There are quite a few different styles of pumping bras. The main differences will be whether there are openings in the front for the flange to fit through or a sling-style bra that allows the pumping parts to slide into the bra from the top of the breast. One of the most important parts is that you have easy access so you can pump hands-free without wasting too much time getting set up.

There are also several bra options for wireless breast pumps that fit right into the bra and allow for total freedom. If you are trying to decide between the Willow vs Elvie pump, which are the most popular ones available, there’s tons of research that can point you in the right direction of either a manual pump or an electric breast pump, whichever you prefer for the task at hand.

3. You don’t have to sacrifice style while pumping.


There are several pumping bras on the market today that would fool anyone into thinking it’s a regular bra. If you don’t want to get a pumping bra that looks like a pumping bra, there are many options that will serve you in this capacity. Try to envision a pumping bra that also serves and looks like a regular bra or bralette.

4. Choose one that will last for the duration of your breastfeeding journey.

Investing in a pumping bra that will last you for the duration of your nursing journey is very important. What could be worse than finding the perfect bra and then the strap breaks out of nowhere? The saying “you get what you pay for” shouldn’t be taken lightly here.

5. Get a few different styles for various lifestyle needs.


If you are someone who works an office job Monday through Friday but enjoys hiking with the family on the weekend, you will want to search for a bra that can be adjusted to fit all different types of lifestyle needs. Thankfully there are tons of great options available that will suit every lifestyle need you might have by making a few simple adjustments to the bra.


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