5 Ideas for Home Decoration with Travel Inspired Elements

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Do you have a wanderlust soul? If yes, then take inspiration from far and wide to create a visual representation of the destinations you have been to. Travel inspires all in different ways and brings out the creativity in you.  

Traveling brings you beautiful memories. You can incorporate the objects or photos reminding the memories from those places to enrich your space. Integrating those precious memories into your home décor will make you happy and add excitement to your interior.

However, home interiors are all about showing your personality and bringing joy into space. The following are some ideas for home decoration with travel-inspired elements:

Flags Wall Art


Flags wall art is a unique and attractive way to amp up your home décor. When you visit different destinations, you come to know about their lifestyle, culture, and specialties. Sometimes, you like one place more than another for various reasons.

You display flag wall art on the walls to show your love for those places. It is an intelligent way to revive your beautiful memories from that location. For example, if you love camping in America, you can revitalize those memories by hanging flag art of that place in your room.

Floating Shelves

Argentina Mountain Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art


A creative way to decorate your vertical space is to install floating shelves on the walls of a home. You can lean miniatures, small objects, or any item representing your travel experiences on these shelves.

While decorating, ensure that the color of the shelves matches the color of a wall.  If not, then it will create a negative impact on home decorations. 

On the other hand, these shelves are one of the best ways to showcase your style and increase guests’ visual interests. In addition, they are easily replaceable and affordable.

Bring the Coastal Vibe

Andaman Tranquility Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art


Do you like visiting the sea or beaches more? If yes, then incorporate the Mediterranean design into your décor. It makes you feel bright and breezy.But, to evoke those seaside vibes, keep your interior design base soft with white.

You can add natural elements like linen, sisal, or ceramic to add to the Mediterranean theme. You can also incorporate blue accents or terracotta through items, such as cushions, artwork, and tiles.

For making a living space breezy, hang some sheer curtains and pair them with a patterned area rug. Your room will look effortlessly the Mediterraneanshowing your true love towards the sea or beaches.

Photo Frames


Take lots of photos when you travel to capture precious moments. These pictures help you relive the time you visit all of the fantastic places. In addition, these images will remind you about all the fun and exciting activities you did on your trips.

So, do not keep those pictures in drawers to catch dust. Instead, display them on the walls and make a memory wall. Create a large photo frame with a picture collage, or you can make a gallery wall in your room.

Relive your Tour with Textile 

Textile is the easiest way to relive your travel memories. You can conveniently transport them from one place to another, as they do not get any damage while you travel with them. However, before purchasing any heavy item, consider its weight.

Whether it is linen from France or silk from India, decorate your furniture items with them to glam up the room. 


Final Words

A travel-lover can decorate the home with travel-themed decoration items to make a home look eye-catching and attractive. There are so many travel-inspired ideas that you can incorporate into your interiors.

You just have to be innovative and think out of the box for it. The conditions are simple: all the items cannot be expensive and have a travel story.


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