5 Movies To Watch On Netflix If You Are Learning Arabic

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You should have finished your laundry. But, you watched Netflix instead. 

You must work on your assignment. But, Netflix’s latest web series is too tempting to miss. 

Without a dilemma, we all use Netflix to procrastinate things that are important.

But, what if we say you can enjoy Netflix all day long without feeling the guilt? Yes, Netflix binge time can be productive if you’ve taken Arabic as your second language. 

Read on to discover the five Arabic movies on Netflix to kick-start the most fun Arabic-class you have ever had. 

  1. Amar’s Hand (2011)

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IMDb- 6.1/10 

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Running Time: 2hr 5m

Amar’s Hand is a 2011 Arab drama film starring Ghada Abdelrazek. The story revolves around a widow who sends her five children to Cairo to earn money so that she can fulfill her husband’s dream of building a home. However, her sons will have to face the truth of poverty at every turn. This heart-warming film will undoubtedly make you shed some tears. 

2. From Japan to Egypt (2017)

IMDb- 5.4/10 

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Running Time: 1h 33m

This Arab movie focuses on a married Egyptian man  — living in Egypt with two rambunctious kids — who decides to win his wife back by traveling from Egypt to Japan — her home country. Ahmed Eid will steal your heart with his dynamic, emotional acting that connects with anyone in true love. 

3. Lion’s Heart (2013)

IMDb- 3.3/10 

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Running Time: 1h 50m

El Hijo is an Egyptian action-thriller film that is well worth watching. This movie’s plot is, a child who has been kidnapped and raised in the circus to be a lion tamer. However, the boy gets caught in the web of underworld murder mystery; let’s watch hs movie to see if he has the inner strength to fight his way out? Mohamed Ramadan’s terrific performance is the biggest talking point of this movie. 

4. The Worthy (UAE, 2017)

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IMDb- 5.2/10 

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Running Time: 1h 39m

The Worthy is an Arab Sci-Fi & Fantasy movie Ali F. Mostafa, and Image Nation. The movie is set in a post-apocalyptic world when most of the world’s water supply has completely dried up. Fortunately, there are few survivors who have taken refuge near the water supply and have to enter a deadly game of cat & mouse to defend themselves; watch the movie to know if they survived. 

5. Six Windows in the Desert (Saudi Arabia 2020)

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IMDb- 5.2/10 

Watch on Netflix

Running Time: 1h 33m

Next on the list is the psychological thriller, In Paradox. This Arab movie’s plot is around a man on the run from his assailants; he is desperate to seek control of all his strange memories before they consume his entire life. 

There are several other top Arabic shows on Netflix, such as Jinn, Dollar, and Fauda, if you want to enhance your language skills to learn how to read Quranic Arabic online. 


The next time someone asks you what you did on your weekend, proudly say it. I watched movies on Netflix to speak Arabic like a native.  

Watching Netflix alone won’t make you speak and write like a native-level Arabic; you can enroll in professional language learning classes. As then, you’ll understand the fundamentals of the language, the grammar, sentence structure creation, and vocabulary. Otherwise, all your efforts to spend time on Netflix will serve no purpose. 


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