5 Pieces of Essential Automotive Equipment You Need to Have Stashed Away for Emergency

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With the unpredictability of the road conditions, it is always imperative to keep yourself geared up with vital automotive equipment to ensure you are safe and prepared in case of an emergency. Although it can seem like a nerve-wracking task to organize an emergency kit together, it can be an effortless and interesting project. Below is a list of emergency equipment every car should have:

1. Jumper Cables

Jumper cables, also known as jump leads or booster cables, are an essential investment that every driver needs. Your car battery can die or lose its juice unexpectedly since car batteries don’t typically portray signs of trouble until it’s too late. Although a car battery is just a simple piece of equipment, failing to function can completely disable a car. 

Therefore, no matter how old or new your car is, having a functional set of jumper cables is paramount. Also, ensure you buy the heavy-gauge cables with long-lasting, exceptional-quality spring-loaded clamps on both ends instead of the smaller low-priced sort.

2. Socket and Screwdriver Set

Any list of car tools begins with a great socket and screwdriver set. Whether you are driving the most modern car, sometimes things can get detached due to vibrations, age, or other reasons. Therefore, you need a screwdriver set for the insertion and removal of screws. Screwdrivers come in various multitudes to match the correct screw drive. 

Since screwdrivers have multiple uses and applications, choose one designed for automotive repairs. The common types of screwdrivers are the standard and Philip screwdrivers. Since vehicles are fitted with both Philips and standard screws, you should have several of each type of screwdriver to work on your vehicle.

Also, sockets are incredibly vital for certain situations. Sockets are used for a range of various tasks. For instance, auto motives help fasten or detach nuts on vehicles or turning tools such as ratchets, torque wrenches, and impact wrenches. When buying your socket set, do not settle for low-quality sockets and tools. Make it a point to opt for high-quality grey pneumatic tools.

3. Flares and Lighting

Flares or reflective triangles are essential safety items that should always be included as emergency automotive equipment. Your car may get involved in an accident or experience a breakdown on the road. Flares are significant as they warn oncoming vehicles or motorists of any roadside hazard since they improve visibility at an accident scene. 

The light produced from a road flare offers a bright, conspicuous light from a distance and in poor weather conditions like snowstorms and heavy rain. In case of an accident or breakdown, they should be distributed uniformly along the roadside behind your vehicle.

4. Spare tire, Fluids and Tools

Flat tires are so common and can happen anywhere and anytime on the road. A car can experience a flat tire due to failure or damage of the valve system, rubbed or ripped tire, tire bead leaks, road hazards, alloy wheel leaks, among other causes. 

Unfortunately, flat tires create a situation that can seriously endanger a driver’s safety. Since there is no specific way to prevent flat tires, including a tire inflator and sealant in your emergency kit can help avert a roadside crisis. 

You also need a few tools such as a jack, tire iron, and a pipe to change the flat tire and replace it with the spare. Other important items include motor oil, a gallon of coolant, a quart, and others.

5. Wrenches

A wrench set is a piece of indispensable equipment to any mechanical toolbox. Fundamentally, a wrench comprises a stout lever with a notch at one or both ends for clamping bolts or nuts. Wrenches come in five different types: open-end wrench, combination wrench, Allen wrench, socket wrench, and an adjustable wrench. They are also available in various sizes and designs. 

Wrenches are crucial tools to have while driving as they help perform primary maintenance and repair. They offer a high torque turning with minimal effort enabling you to fasten and detach tough bolts, nuts, and fasteners when working on a vehicle. When buying a wrench, it is vital to choose one which comprises both open and closed-end combination wrenches.

Have Basic Auto Repair Tools

Having primary auto repair tools is highly recommended as they can save you from unnecessary frustrations in case of a mechanical problem that goes on with your car. Ensure to carry emergency automotive equipment whenever you drive, as they will allow you to perform basic mechanical repairs yourself.


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