What 5 Powerful Health Benefits of CBD and Reality Tv Have in Common

Health Benefits

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the many beneficial compounds found in plants of the cannabis family. You can get CBD in many different formats for delivered control. You can also microdose CBD to gain other effects.

Microdosing is when you take small amounts of cannabidiol on a specific schedule. By sticking to a regular schedule, you can determine the correct dose for your body. Easing yourself into taking CBD is better than taking an entire dose right from the bat. 

You don’t want to miss out on the powerful health benefits of CBD. Whether you’re microdosing or taking gummies, CBD has its many advantages. If you’re wondering what some of the best health benefits are, read on. 

1. Anxiety and Stress

Recent world events have left many of us feeling extremely tired and stressed out. Uncertainty around your own health and health risks to your loved ones appear on every horizon. And when you think you understand the situation, a new risk seems to crop up.

CBD can take a “frothy” or agitated brain and soothe it quickly. If you struggle with anxiety or agitation, consider taking a CBD capsule or gummy with your lunch. 

Taking a capsule or gummy will take time to digest. See if you can eat food that contains some healthy fats. With fats, you can enjoy a long, slow dose of CBD throughout the afternoon with little risk of sleepiness.

2. Focus

It’s a nervous time. If you find it difficult to focus, you might consider creating a microdosing routine. Taking CBD allows you to ignore distractions and unhelpful worries that crop up. 

Microdosing is easy with a vaping pen. The total dose is about 25 puffs. To take it, try two puffs and give it a few minutes. You may find that your mind settles down. With less anxiety, you will find it easier to work with no distractions.

3. Pain Management

When you need to sleep, CBD can be beneficial. However, sleepiness is an unpleasant side effect of a CBD dose if you need to function. For those who suffer from chronic pain, microdosing can be helpful.

You can also use topical CBD products. For example, a CBD lotion on your hands can help manage arthritis joint pain. Using CBD cream on irritated, painful skin can reduce bacterial risk. Furthermore, it can also lower inflammation. 

Finally, a roll-on CBD topical oil can treat a healed scar. A topical oil can reduce tightness or stiffness in the skin and underlying tissue.

4. Sleep

Anxious thoughts spin around in your mind and leave you feeling stressed out. Unfortunately, stress is hard on your brain, gut, and heart. As a result, you may be struggling with insomnia. 

To help settle your mind when it’s time to sleep, a sublingual dose of high-grade edible oil may be what you need to drift off to dreamland.

5. Appetite and Gut Health

CBD is also great for treating nausea and gut inflammation. Do you have access to raw cannabis products? Then try blending fresh, natural cannabis parts into your foods. This is an excellent way to enjoy THCA medicinal benefits! 

There are common challenges for those dealing with a gut injury. For example, long-term stomach damage or nausea from chemotherapy lead to an unbalanced diet. Further gut damage can happen when your diet isn’t balanced as the bacterial balance fails. Plus, there are also fewer nutrients that your body absorbs.

You may be concerned about the sense of euphoric disconnection or “high” that comes with THC. Knowing the difference between THC and THCA can help with this. THCA, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is found in raw cannabis. If you heat cannabis, THCA turns into THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. THCA can soothe an irritated gut and reduce muscle spasms that lead to vomiting and diarrhea.


The science of cannabis for better health is in its infancy. If you are interested in CBD or THCA for better health, consider keeping a journal. Using a journal, you can track your dosage, the results, and long-term results. 

CBD can take time to stack up in your system and give you consistent benefits. That being said, you can’t build up a tolerance to CBD. So, you may find that you can lessen your intake and still get great results.


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