5 Reasons Air Conditioner Services Are Necessary

Air Conditioner

Canberra, the capital city of Australia, is situated at the north tip of the Australian Alps, which is the country’s highest mountain range, but still, it offers warm and dry summers. And during summer in Canberra, the average temperatures range from 12.7 – 30°C (54.8 – 86°F), which comes with little humidity and balmy nights. Therefore, finding the best air conditioning service in Canberra is vital to ensure you survive those hot summer months.

Many people put off air conditioning service until it is too late, and then the damage to their AC unit is sometimes not repairable and requires a whole new unit to be installed. So if you don’t want to shell out on a brand new AC, you should regularly get your air conditioning units serviced at least once a year. At last, it is all up to you, whether you wish to spend a little bit of money on air conditioning service or you want to pay an astronomical bill when your air conditioner unit goes out on you. 

If you are still not convinced and pondering whether to get air conditioner service or not, continue reading! This article gives you five compelling reasons why AC services are essential. 

1. Cleaner Air

Do you want your family to stay healthy? If yes, then they must be breathing clean air. So if you haven’t got your AC serviced, it is likely clogged with bacteria, dust, and dirt, leading to numerous health problems. And getting your air conditioner unit serviced will ensure that you breathe clean air free of contaminants. 

Regular servicing is vital if you have a family member suffering from allergies and asthma because it helps reduce the accumulation of dirt, bacteria, and dust that trigger an attack.

2. Extend the Lifespan

Do you know that your air conditioning unit loses up to 5% of its efficiency each year without regular maintenance? Yes, you read it right! Getting your AC serviced regularly means you call an expert technician to discover and fix any minor issues and keep it running at its optimal performance. As such, catching minor issues early on ensures that your air conditioner unit is in better working condition and will hence last longer.

3. Lower Energy Cost

Air conditioners consume more power than other mechanical units. Hence, when they are not properly maintained, they draw more power. Meanwhile, regular preventive maintenance of air conditioning systems keeps your units working at optimum capacity. 

AC services include cleaning blades, cooling coils, duct cleaning, monitoring or replacing coolant, a thorough inspection of equipment and seals, thermostat check, and other components, all of which ultimately help maximise the unit’s energy efficiency and save your hard-earned money on utility bills.

4. Save Cost in the Long Run

Replacing an air conditioning unit is no doubt a costly affair. However, regular servicing of your unit will minimise the possibility of unexpected repairs and breakdowns. And for servicing your unit, a qualified technician will come to your place to perform a thorough inspection of your equipment and inform you of any worn parts that need repairs. This, in turn, helps you prevent further damage to your equipment and avoid costly emergency repairs. 

5. Saves Earth

If your air conditioning unit has a refrigerant leakage, it will release HFCs or man-made greenhouse gases. All these are harmful gases that deteriorate the environment and promote global warming. So if you don’t want to leave your carbon footprints on the environment, it is better to get your system serviced regularly.

However, the frequency with which you need air conditioning service in Canberra will depend on several factors, including its model, age, and how it is used. And to get your AC unit serviced, don’t rely on the first company you encounter; approach the best air conditioner service providers and get the best-in-class service.


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