5 Reasons You Should Make A Switch To Dive Watches

Dive Watches

If you are a person who has multiple activities that you take part in, then certainly the most versatile watch for you is a dive watch. The one that can be considered as a statement piece and can also do its job perfectly. 

For over a long time, the diving watch genre has received an unprecedented amount of hype. In fact, the Omega Seamaster has long been the watch of choice for water explorers and at the same time business people. They play an especially vital role for sporty oriented watch brands with their well-built structure, simplex bezels, and enhanced water resistance capability. 

Here are 5 reasons a diver watch may be the perfect fit for you.

  1. You like the sporty yet all-around style.

Divers’ watches are not specifically designed aesthetically for underwater solely. It can look great with nearly any outfit. Omega Seamaster has different variations of styles you can choose from. The color of the dial and the strap material has a wide variety that can match any event or get-up.

The advent of modern material science in conjunction with the advancements in the co-axial escapement and anti-magnetism technology also made it a top-notch brand for professional divers.

  1. A waterproof watch is top on your list.

The water-resistance feature of a watch is an asset more than you think. You pay for the price of convenience when you wear a timepiece that is suitable for any environment. 

Omega’s Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Professional has in fact set a new world record for the deepest dive, going to 10,928m. Although most divers will not venture beyond 30m, an average diver’s watch can go past about 300m below sea level depth. 

  1. You don’t want to constantly worry about your watch getting damaged wherever you wear it.

A watch that acquires a high water resistance feature would prove that it is indeed a robust watch overall. A divers’ watch is designed to withstand a high pressure underwater therefore having it worn in a stable pressure will surpass the standards of an average dress watch and even with other sports watches. 

A divers’ watch acquires anti-magnetic and shock-resistant features as well as resistance to corrosion in seawater. As it proves to withstand a variety of environmental conditions compared to a regular watch that you use for attending events or any formal events, then it just does not look like a robust watch but is indeed a good-quality timepiece. 

  1. You want to gain iconic status.

What’s fascinating about owning a timepiece is that you get to have the experience to get a touch with an iconic watch that has a story to tell. James Bond wore an Omega Seamaster 300 on his wrist in more than one episode since Lindy Hemming. This timepiece symbolized his character of being a refined man of action and served as an essential instrument for a spy. 

Omega’s brand holds several heroic exploits that showed its purpose as a timepiece company. It is one of the oldest Swiss watch brands, and with that comes a legendary history. Over time, Omega watches have been to the moon, been in space countless times, been used for countless Olympic Games, been featured in many James Bond movies, and much more.

  1. You wanted an investment timepiece.

An Omega watch can give you a value appreciation over time. It is proven to have increased in value by several hundred percent. Some vintage Speedmasters have increased their value the moment it is out of the store and is sold at the secondhand market.  

This particularly happens in limited edition collections. This happens because the demand for it increases since there is only a limited number of pieces that are produced. Hence, when sold to the secondhand market, it largely increases its value because of the intense desire of a person to own one. 

The bottom-line: 

Omega Seamaster is indeed a perfect companion in all situations in life. Its outstanding craftsmanship and the mechanisms of the movement of the watch indeed guarantee its eternal durability that could last a lifetime. Also, the aesthetics manifest elegance yet sporty in style. 

If you are to invest in a timepiece, a divers’ watch should be your prime choice. It is the most versatile watch that you can match with any events in your life – no matter if you are wearing fine threads or are on the way to the beach in your swimming trunks. Looking for a timepiece is like thinking about what’s more to come in your journey of life, it should suit you for a lifetime!

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