5 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Brunch Party in Doha

Brunch Party

In the Middle East, brunch is considered as something that’s more than a meal. It is now another form of intimate gathering where diners can bond and catch up with each other while indulging in a variety of delicious foods and drinks.

Because of this reason, if you want to host a fun, memorable brunch party for your friends, you need to put some thought and work into planning it.

Hosting your brunch party at one of the best restaurants in Doha is one of the great ideas you can consider. You will do away with the need to get your home perfect for the gathering. You also won’t have to cook the food and prepare the beverages you plan to serve.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about putting down the decorations, putting the furniture back to their original places, and all the cleanup and washing up you need to do after the party.

With less work to do during the brunch party, you and your guests will have more time talking to and catching up with each other.

Having your brunch party at a restaurant ensures you and your guests will enjoy a variety of great food and beverages. Whether the eatery offers a buffet or ala carte menus, everyone, including those with dietary restrictions, will have an amazing meal and indulge in their choice of drinks.

Another huge perk of having your brunch party at a restaurant is that you and your guests can bask in an ambiance that lets you relax and enjoy each other’s company.

With this comfortable atmosphere, you and your guests won’t run out of things to talk about while savoring the food and drinks.

Planning a Memorable Brunch Party at a Restaurant in Doha

Choosing a restaurant as the venue for your brunch party is an excellent start. However, there are still a few things you have to do to ensure the success of this intimate event.

Below are five tips for planning a brunch party at a restaurant in Doha:

  1. Choose the right restaurant.

The venue plays a key role in your brunch party’s success. As such, you will do well to study your options before informing your guests about which restaurant you’re going to.

First, choose a restaurant that is accessible to all your guests. It should be a place that they can reach by bus or taxi.

If you and your guests are bringing cars, ensure there are enough parking spaces.

Restaurants in malls are excellent options for your brunch venue. They have or are near taxi and bus stands so everyone won’t have any difficulty going to and from the gathering.

Moreover, malls always have plenty of parking spaces, so this won’t be a problem for you and your guests.

Once you have a short list of possible restaurants, visit their websites to look at photos of their facilities.

Next, visit restaurant review sites to read the feedback and ratings of the customers regarding the food, quality of service, and ambiance of the dining area.

If you want a laid-back place where you and your guests will feel comfortable, look into the restaurant’s interior design and furniture.

And to ensure everyone will have a great time, read the diners’ reviews regarding the restaurant customer service.

  1. Go over the menu.

When visiting your shortlisted restaurant’s website or checking online reviews, go over their menus. Decide which ones have offerings that would interest you and your guests.

Ensure the menu has at least one item that persons in your party who have dietary restrictions can eat during each course.

Also, go over their regular menu. Find out if the restaurant serves these items during brunch in case your guests want to indulge in other dishes.

Check the restaurant’s beverage offerings as well. Make sure everyone has several non-alcoholic and alcoholic options to choose from.

If you are not sure if everyone in your party will find something good on the menu, send them electronic copies and ask them if they find everything satisfactory.

  1. Create and send your invitations.

If you want to have a memorable brunch party, take the extra step by creating formal invitations and sending them out before the event.

Use a website or app to create an invitation card. You only need a few minutes to create one using free and customizable templates.

Make sure the invitation card contains all the details your guests need to know about your brunch party. This includes what kind of dining experience they should expect.

For instance, if you are dining al fresco, inform them so that they can dress accordingly.

Once you’re done creating the invitations, you can print them and send them by mail or hand-deliver them.

Another option is to email or send the invitations by direct message.

When you go the electronic route, you will have an easier time collecting all your RSVPs.  

  1. Reserve a table.

Since brunches are one of the more popular weekend activities in Doha, restaurants that offer them often get plenty of diners, particularly during weekends. If you want to ensure you and your guests will be accommodated on your chosen date, reserve a table in advance.

Make your reservation through the restaurant website or by sending them an email or calling them up.

However, before booking a table, prepare a headcount of all your guests who are coming. By doing so, you can reserve the right table and number of chairs that can accommodate your party.

  1. Take care of the details.

Lastly, as the host of the brunch, you have to take a few more steps to ensure the party’s success.

For one, if the restaurant says it opens at 10 am, remind your guests to arrive exactly at ten or a few minutes after. This is to give the kitchen staff and servers time to prepare the food and beverages and set the tables.

Even if you have a reservation, you will still wait for several minutes until the restaurant opens. As such, arrive after it opens so that you and your guests won’t have to wait long.

Also, make sure you have an idea regarding your total bill so that you won’t be surprised by unexpected charges. Going over the restaurant menu can help you in coming up with a rough estimate.  

When you follow these planning tips, you and your guests will have a memorable brunch party and make the most out of your time together.


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