5 Tips to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture Against Australian Summer

Outdoor Furniture

Brisbane is known as the most populated city bearing the number of 2.28 million and the capital of Queensland. This place is abundant with museums that showcase its cultural roots such as The Cultural Precinct and Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art. Just like any other Australian city, Brisbane’s natural resources are magnificent as well.

The summer season is here! This is the best time to just enjoy the outdoors. Putting up easily accessible outdoor furniture in Brisbane is a good idea since the sun is too good to miss out on. But with the scorching heat and humidity, you can protect yourself by using sunblock and sunglasses, but how do you protect your furniture against the heat? Choosing the right material that could withstand the Australian summer is a proactive measure. But to further increase the durability of your furniture, this article will guide you how you can prep them for this summer and many more years to come!

  1. Seal Your Wood Tables and Chairs 

Use products like teak oil or any mix of natural oils to condition and make sure that your wood furniture is somehow weatherproof. These substances help in lessening the damage it gets from sun exposure and rain. UV sealants can also be applied on top of these to even lower the risks of sun damage. If these substances can’t help, you could try re-sanding or re-staining first. Then you can apply a few coats of sealants.

  1. Clean, Wash and Protect Your Cushions

Outdoor fabrics that are designed for cushions in your patio are naturally high maintenance, especially during this season. That’s why regular soft brushing and vacuuming them to make sure their cleanliness is a must. If you want to wash it, you can use gentle cleansers with borax, water and dishwashing detergent. This can help in removing stains but will not ruin the quality of the fabric. But before washing them, always check the manufacturer’s guidelines for washing to fully ensure that you won’t ruin it.

  1. Repaint Your Old Plastic or Metal Furniture

Faded colours of your furniture are just a small problem. You’ll be surprised at how repainting them could bring life in the whole aura of your outdoor space. 

  1. Maintenance Check

Check the locks and screws of your tables, chairs and umbrellas. Especially for wooden furniture since it could get wobbly. Looking into the furniture’s durability and quality not only benefits its overall design but also everyone’s safety. Check for loose bolts and if it can be replaced to avoid accidents during strong winds as well.

  1. Clean Your Umbrella

Just water, dishwashing detergent and soap is enough to clean and bring back the colours of your umbrella. Use the sponge and a bit of bleach to remove stains and mould if it was folded wet. If your umbrella is too old and already faded, but you don’t want to buy a new one? Don’t worry! Channel in your inner Picasso and paint on it. 

Outdoor spaces in houses are made to ensure that you have a breathable outside space better than the confined spaces of your home. Choosing the right outdoor furniture in Brisbane can not be a problem since you’ll be able to find some well-reputed vendors. These pieces of furniture you choose should not only be based on only preferences and aesthetics. They should also mirror the personality, lifestyle and needs of the family. And now, bring your umbrellas and relax!


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