5 Types of Front Doors That Can Give Your Home Entrance Elegance

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The front door of your home is the first and the essential element of your place. It shapes the vibe of your whole home, meets you every day when you come from work, welcomes your guests, and gives your home an identity. You must find the one that goes with your personality and looks aesthetic.

There are uncountable styles and types of front doors. However, to help you get the right front door, we have shortlisted the five best types of them. Let’s find out!

Double Doors

Double doors, also famous as French Doors or Patio Doors, are the most traditional front doors. They usually open from the center and are made of wood, glass, steel, and fiberglass. Some people prefer to keep one of the doors stationary, opening only the other one. 

Double doors are the epitome of elegance and decency. Attracting human attention, such style of front doors manages to have a significant impact on the home’s overall look. They also offer greater space to move in and out of the home. 

  1. Steel Door:

If maximum security and strength are what you want to be in your front door, Steel Door will work for you. Since Steel doors feature internal core insulation so, they offer energy efficiency for safety. Steel comes in variable gauges. The lower the gauge, the thicker the steel. 

Steel doors come in various styles and shapes; you can get the one appealing to your aesthetic sense. However, such doors are vulnerable to extreme weather conditions as denting might result from rains or so.

  1. Solid Wood Door:

No matter what the times are, Solid Wood Doors never go out of style. No material can replace solid wood when it comes to elegance, strength, and security. Wood front doors are premium insulators, so that will help with energy expenses. 

Another perk of a wood door is to be able to transform your home look. Yes, all you have to do is change the paint color or wood stain, and your entrance will be renewed. However, wood doors are comparatively expensive and require regular care for maintenance. They are also vulnerable to rotting and distorting.  

  1. Glass Door:

A glass door would give your home front a bold statement. Not only a statement, but it will also allow the natural light to come in and light up the interior. A glass front door comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. You can decide based on your likings. 

Always consider your privacy while selecting the glass door. The double-paned glass door can contribute to protecting your privacy. But if you want single-paned, you can just put a curtain over the door. Double-paned doors offer greater security, strength, and insulation as compared to single-paned ones. 

  1. Door with Side Lights:

Another exotic type of front door can be a door with sidelights. Yes, it lets in natural light and gives a cozy vibe to home. This type of front door can be your alternative to a glass door if you want a less expensive door that lets light in. 

Sidelights can be in any shape, style, and type. They can be installed in a single unit into rough individual openings. The door can be made with any of the materials mentioned above, adding sidelights to it.

The Bottom Line!

The front door is what gives your home a definition. Be considerate while selecting it. There can be many doors’ material options, but glass, wood, and steel are the most elegant of all. There are different styles and types of front doors, and you can get them in the style of double doors, doors with sidelights, or a single door. For more info pls check Canadian Choice Home Windows website: Windowscanada.com.


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