5 Ways to Prepare for Dental Implants

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Are you having a cracked tooth replaced with a crown? Doing your research before the procedure is important, as there are several factors to consider and prepare for before getting dental implants. We’ve discussed them below. Read ahead. 

Dental Exam 

Although you and your dentist think a dental implant might be a good choice, there may be several hidden issues looming. A comprehensive exam before the procedure will help identify these hidden problems. You’ll probably have to take a couple of x-rays and provide the doctor with older medical records. 

Make sure you tell your doctor if you’re on any medication. The medication you’re on could cause excessive bleeding and other serious problems. Implants are a long-lasting replacement that may be done in the dental office. The state-of-the-art technique to replace single or multiple missing teeth is known as dental implants.

As you can imagine, the dental clinic you’ll be getting the treatment at would affect how thorough a dental exam will be done. More specialized clinics, like the MapleRidge dental clinic, are known for how thorough their exams are. 

Start Antibiotics

A dental implant will be a foreign object in your mouth.  You’ll have to take a course of antibiotics beforehand in case your body rejects it. The type of antibiotic you’ll have to take depends on your dentist. You’ll have to take them for at least a week before the procedure. Chapel Hill Family & Cosmetic Dentistry You might have to take antibiotics afterward as well. This will keep any bacteria from infecting the implant and causing trouble. 

Adjust Your Jaw

Placing a bone graft might be required. Your jaw may be too thin or soft to support a crown. Alternatively, your jaw might have to be reshaped as it’s too smooth. 

Do Your Research 

The whole treatment might take around 2 hours. It can be scary if you’ve never had anything like it done before, as you will have to be under anesthesia. Speak to your dentist beforehand to clear any doubts. What will also help is learning more about dental implants, especially the implant process. You can find videos online and see that it’s not that big of a deal. 

Prepare For After Care

You’ll need a couple of days to recover after the treatment. Ask yourself who will be taking care of the chores at home while you’ll be resting. Hopefully, you can get friends and family members to come by and help. 

You won’t be able to eat all kinds of food. You will probably only be able to eat very soft foods for about a week. Soups are great as they’re nutritious and in liquid form. 

After you’ve spent a couple of days resting, your mouth might still be swollen. You probably should avoid major social events. 

Know that how well you take care of yourself will affect how long you’ll take to heal. 

There are a lot of points to consider when preparing for the treatment. Hopefully, you did your research on the clinic and are getting a good doctor to work on you. Make sure you give yourself ample time to recover afterwards too. How well you recover affects the end result. 


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