7 Effective Tips to Strengthen your Nails


Your aesthetic nails are an essential part of your beauty, if yes then don’t worry you aren’t an exception to this. Most of us have this thing for our nails.

Why is Nail Health Important?

From acrylic nails to trending nail art, people are very much into nail care. Considering the importance of nail care, it isn’t any less than skin or hair care. Whether you are a woman who prefers getting manicures or someone who invests in other nail care products, the fact is that most of you are concerned about what your nails look like.

Talking about nail care, it goes far more than following the recent trends. Naturally healthy and shiny nails are something everyone dreams of. Putting styling aside, stringer nails are everyone’s first choice. But the question is what makes your nails healthy? 

I remember once a cousin of mine had trouble growing her nails. To find out the solution she took online consultation from the best doctors in Pakistan. The doctor gave her supplements etc. and over time her nails became better.

How to Strengthen your Nails?

When it comes to stronger nails, everything from your diet to nail care creates a difference. If you are also struggling with nail health issues and looking for ways to grow healthier nails, this article might be the perfect read for you. Here are the tips that might help you;

1- Have proper cuticle care

Cuticle care is probably the most important part of having stronger nails. The perfect nail care starts with the application of cuticle care products such as cuticle oil. Applying cuticle oil on your nails can help to keep your nails hydrated and moisturized thus minimizing the chances of nails breaking. Cuticle care isn’t only limited to it. You can also try pushing your cuticle in a backward direction to prevent cuticle overgrowth.

2- Take supplements

Just like your hair and skin, your nails also require some essential nutrients and vitamins to help them grow fast. One such hair and nail growth supplement is biotin. This is nothing but vitamin B. But taking biotin supplements can surely help to make your nails stronger and prevent them from being damaged. You can start taking these supplements on your own or consult your physician. Taking these for a few weeks will result in visible differences in your nails health.

3- Stay hydrated

You may find it surprising but drinking enough water is as important as eating the right food. When your body has enough food and water content, you are less likely to suffer from dry and damaged nails that can break anytime. So, never take your water intake for granted to keep your nails healthy and stronger.

4- Minimize water exposure

Drinking water is good for your nails but too much external exposure to water is bad for your nail’s health. No matter if you expose your nails to water for cleaning purposes or for washing dishes, be ready for the damage. Too much water exposure can leave your nails brittle and results in easy breaking. Further, water exposure can loosen the nail membrane so make sure to minimize your water exposure.

5- Invest in good nail care products

Another tip that can help you to have stronger nails over time is by investing in good nail care products. Nail care products come in different varieties and qualities. Make sure to choose the right one with better quality because cheap products can be harsh on your nails leaving them damaged.

6- Don’t overuse your nails

You may find it tempting to use your nails for everything you have to do. However, this overdoing of your nails can be one reason behind their poor health. It is recommended to always use the appropriate tools for certain jobs rather than using your nails.

7- Keep length short

If your nails are weak or break off easily, then it is recommended to keep the length short. Short nails are less likely to break or get damaged. Further, it also saves your nails from external damage.

Bottom Line

Nails health is important for our overall well-being. Not only does it affect our appearance but is important for our hygiene as well. There are many nail health issues and weak nails are one among them. Following these tips can surely help you to have stronger nails. Further, it is better to seek out help from a relevant physician if you still experience poor nail health warning signs.


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