7 Reasons Why You Should Never Drive Under the Influence

nate johnston PcbJL9CYSXs unsplash
nate johnston PcbJL9CYSXs unsplash

There are many dangers of being intoxicated while being behind the wheel. You could easily end your own life and someone else’s. Discussed below are all the dangers and reasons you should stay clear of drinking and driving. 

Slow Reaction Time 

Drinking slows your response time. You won’t be able to turn your vehicle in time if a pedestrian or another car suddenly moves in front of you. In the unfortunate situation that you do get into a crash, it would take your brain longer to process what happened. 

Bad Judgement

Even a little bit of alcohol in your system can affect your ability to make judgments. While driving, you’ll need to make decisions like which road to turn to, how fast to drive, and when to hit the brakes. This would be a recipe for disaster. 

The inability to make proper judgment won’t end well if another vehicle cuts you off and you get angry too. Road rage might get the better of you. 

Your inability to make proper decisions can also be bad news if there are others in the vehicle with you. You might snap at them. 

Decreased Vision 

Drinking can affect your vision. There may be other cars or people ahead, but you won’t be able to see them due to the alcohol. You’ll likely crash. 

Alcohol can especially affect your peripheral vision. If you have to park your car but don’t see an object in the side view mirror, you’ll get into an accident. 

Lack of Coordination 

One of the major problems of driving while being under the influence is having a lack of coordination. There is no way you’ll be able to drive properly if you can’t hold the steering wheel. 

Your hand-to-feet coordination would also be off, so you wouldn’t be able to press the brakes at the right time. 

Face Jail Time

You don’t need to be heavily intoxicated to get a DUI. If you get pulled over and your blood alcohol levels are just slightly above the normal amount, you will be charged. 

DUI charges are no joke. They would be on your record forever, which will affect your ability to get a job as well as your car insurance rates. Building an impaired driving defence will be hard unless you hire a good lawyer. It can be hard to dispute that you weren’t under the influence. 

You’ll have to look for an experienced criminal defense barrister and solicitor if you’re being charged for your second DUI, as the jail sentence can be decades long. 

Bad Impression 

Drunk driving is shamed. If your friends and family members find out that you were driving under the influence, you might face serious repercussions as you could have killed someone. They would especially think low of you if you get a DUI. 

What did you think about the points discussed? There are several reasons why being behind the wheel while under the influence would be a bad idea. 


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