7 Reasons Why You Should Use Bong Grinder As A Mixer?

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Grinders are a necessary component of marijuana gear. It must be a part of your stack of cannabis essentials for various reasons, including creating smoother smoke and making cannabis simpler to transport. The initial expense puts off many users, but if you are a frequent bong user, you will discover that the investment is well worth it in the long run. There are some things to think about when you go out and purchase a grinder for your bong.

What benefits will the grinder serve for your bong? How will a mixer enhance your bong experience? Well, if you want a relaxing journey with your smoking experience, you need to know about the benefits of these bong grinders. Read on and get a clear idea about the advantages of a bong grinder over your regular crushing hands.

Why should you use a bong grinder in the first place?

Grinding your marijuana before consuming it makes it much easier to consume. You’ll also discover that grinding cannabis makes it simpler to transport and more pleasant to inhale.

Because it’s much more constant, ground weed is usually less unpleasant. Ground cannabis will burn cleanly and uniformly, unlike intact buds, whose form may influence the fluency of the smoke generated. This implies that you can smoke effectively when it comes to bongs. Besides that, here are some more reasons that will tell you the benefits of owning a bong grinder for mixing your weed:

1. Kief:

Kief is the most concentrated and pure form of marijuana, including cannabinoids and terpenes. Kief is a valued component of the plant that separates from the trichomes throughout the grinding procedure. It’s often found in various marijuana products, including blunts, bongs, vape, honey oil, and pipes. If you’re seeking to purchase a grinder, consider spending the additional money to get anything with a kief bowl. While it may be a bit more expensive, the extra expense is well worth it.

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2. Effectiveness:

The power of a plant is significantly increased when it is ground. You may find a wide selection of herb grinders digitally, but you should buy the best weed grinder for bongs from a reputable source. 

Grinding improves the surface area over which the ingredients (marijuana) evaporate, resulting in a more consistent burn. It also avoids canoeing when the center of the joint burns. Grinding also minimizes or restricts interaction with buds. Trichomes will not be absorbed through the skin as a result of this. To put it another way, grinding improves the quality and uniformity of the herb.

3. Get an enhanced sense of taste and smell:

When compared to pure stems, ground marijuana has a more refined, more pleasant flavor and fragrance. Investing in a crusher will let you appreciate the great tastes that different strains have to offer unless all you think about is the ‘high’ sensation of smoking marijuana. One of the reasons why more and more people are buying herb grinders is because the enhanced taste helps to enrich the feeling even more.

4. It helps you save time:

It can take plenty of effort and attention to sort and ground your herbs by hand. Because the procedure is relatively automated, a grinder may assist cut the time in half. Now you have to toss the pieces into the grinder and begin grinding. As a result, you’ll be able to experience a smoother, more potent herb sooner.

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5. Financial Savings:

Whole buds, as previously said, are not as potent as pulverized marijuana. To be sure, you only need a small amount of marijuana to have a satisfying hit. This allows you to enjoy massive puffs over more extended periods, saving you money in the process.

6. Smoke Reduction:

To many people, smoke has the same attraction as ganja. This does not, however, imply that more smoke equals more pleasure. Smoke is only generated when the plant matter is incompletely burned, making it hazardous to your lungs. Ground marijuana, on the other hand, burns thoroughly and evenly, providing a more enjoyable experience.

7. It’s less difficult to transport:

A grinder makes transporting your marijuana from one location to another much more straightforward. Although a bag may be helpful, a herb grinder has the added benefit of more excellent protection and makes sense. The grinder is also sturdy enough to keep the priceless bud safe from harm.

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How to use a grinder?

Using a grinder is a relatively straightforward process. All you have to do is:

  • Remove the grinder’s lid:

This should enable you to enter the main space and place your buds there.

  • Grind and replace the lid:

Replace the cover once you’ve placed your bud in place. Press it down, closing it firmly and twisting it if necessary. Rotate the lid approximately 10 to 15 times clockwise while putting force.

  • Discover your bud and loosen the lid:

After you’ve finished grinding, gently remove the cover from your grinder. If the ground cannabis is caught to the top of the grinder or if the crusher is held unevenly, it may fall out.

  • Make a collection of kief crystals:

Don’t forget to put those valuable kief crystals to good use! You must have sufficient kief for a complete pipe after grinding a couple of grams of cannabis.

In conclusion

It should now be clear why most moderate marijuana users value the advantages of the weed grinder. As you crush the bud, you may gather the kief. You would be able to retain the strength of your marijuana if you can grind it. The herb doesn’t need to come into touch with your hand. Grinding cannabis also keeps the marijuana strain’s fragrance and flavor. You will also save time and effort. Finally, when you use a bong grinder, the smoke is less unpleasant and gives you a smooth experience.


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