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Great thing about going up to the 90s is that you can now look back at where your favorite TV shows started and see exactly what people from that time wore. Like, who are the main characters from SNL, Chicago Hope and Heat Sauce? So it’s not just about having fun during summer time but also about finding out who major stars from the 90s were. Support a show you remember by going on this retro style to actually appreciate what’s happening today. On top of that, these guys are also into fashion.

The 90s are back in style, and the fall of 2012’s fashion season is one to look forward to. It’s not just hot new looks tumbling out of stores that were created by designers who have strong ties to the past decade; instead, sports stars have been at the helm in embracing nostalgia for their best days. The NFL scandals haven’t stopped there either: the New Orleans Saints are quoted as saying that they plan on “re-defining” the franchise as a result of losing this year’s Super Bowl.There are plenty of different ways to approach fashion in the ’90s, from street style to vintage schools or music looks. So let’s get started with a look at some of our favorites from our favorite eras.

I have never liked it when people talk about old fashion. I’m not too interested in that kind of talk because it gets me thinking about my own personality and how I like to dress. But one thing I’ve noticed about most skaters is that they wear lots of jackets on their back which are really unneccesary, and if they do wear a jacket it’s usually just tight. The thing is, if you look at the sleeves they’re actually pretty short.

80s fashion was the decade where skateboarding was out there and now, you can find its influence in this new design trend. Skating isn’t just about the short hops of a hand-to-hand combat style; it’s also about the graceful ability to move at a high rate of speed with ease.

There wasn’t any outfit for my dress sense before the 90s. When I was 12, I don’t even know what a fashion good looks like. But since then, I have seen so many beautiful and unique outfits throughout the decade that it’s hard to fathom why it wasn’t with me at the same time. Today, it’s simple: every day you should be wearing a black dress from the 70s to the 80s!! My favorite outfit of all time is this one by Von Miller in his pink jersey, because he’s wearing something realistic but not too much.

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