Determining the right shoe can be very tricky, especially for women; this is not only since there are so many beautiful designer shoes for women available in the market, but also the fact that the fit of the footwear and the type of heel can ultimately affect their posture and overall health. A woman certainly needs to be able to pick her shoes as easily as her accessories, and that is why this is the comprehensive article to refer to, as here are all the secret tips and tricks ladies have been using for ages as a lady never kisses and tells. 

People often undervalue the joy of a beautiful pair of stilettos or even some fun bubble sandals can bring to a person, it either uplifts the mood because come on who does not love shopping, especially for shoes, but these shows can also bring a sense of confidence and comfort at the same time, two of the best feelings in the world combined!

Tips for selecting the perfect pair of designer shoes for women:

The designer shoes for women are so extensive in the collection as such a vast number of brilliant brands and even Independent labels have come up with such breath-taking collections, it becomes very intimidating to choose from them. The following points are to throw some light on the actual things that stand important and true while trying to choose the right designer shoes for women:

  • This is going to be a very unexpected tip for many, as people are not aware of it, but a superb tip for shoe-shopping is to always buy shoes later in the day, preferably after a workout session. This can undoubtedly sound completely absurd, but scientifically it is proven that feet swell up post-sunset, especially a workout session can certainly make the feet swell. If a person goes shoe-shopping with larger feet, they can better find the shoe that seems satisfactory even at their larger foot size; this hack always works without fail.
  • The next notable point to always keep in mind is to measure the foot size, as this is something people frequently set aside. They go into the store and try random shoes and see what fits best, but asking for the store assistant’s help to figure out the precise foot size will not only save time but also narrow out the shoes that do not come into the category. It is always recommended to measure the feet size once every six months as there could be some discrepancies as the body tends to fluctuate, which is completely natural.
  • Examination of the shoe’s sole is another important tip to keep in mind, as the entire comfort of the shoe solely lies on the sole, no pun intended. Soles that are soft to touch and have a good amount of cushion are the ones most preferred by buyers as they are comfortable to wear.
  • The next step is to think about the width of the shoe as well as its length, as the shoe needs to be able to house the entire foot comfortably, without any spillage from the sides. Earlier, shoes with narrow heels were designed quite uncomfortably, but today most shoe designers are coming up with such exquisite and ergonomic footwear that heel shoes feel like a glove, with a good base and adequate length. Ladies, always wear the shoe and try it out by walking around, irrespective of where it was bought from, a store or an online store.


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