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That of Accordini Igino is the story of a wine born from the love for the territory and for enology. We talked about it with Igino’s son, Guido, who we asked to tell us not only the story of his father, but also the secrets of the cellar and the characteristics of the wines that made it famous.

What is the history of Accordini Igino?

Igino Accordini was born into a peasant family. He lost the use of one eye as a partisan during the war and had two children: me and my sister Loretta. Having taken my father’s place in the management of the wine business, I graduated as an oenologist and I increased the size of the company thanks to the acquisition of various lands.

What intuitions did Hyginus have?

Having been an authentic Venetian farmer, my father never gave up working in the countryside, but he had the intuition to understand that times were changing. So in the 80s of the last century there was the peak of Amarone. Accordini Igino has always been convinced that it is in the vineyard that good wine can be made; he was not very convinced of the goodness of technology, but he loved to follow and respect the cycle of nature.

Does he tell us more about the cellar?

My vision, which I inherited from my father, is to create a wine that offers the highest quality standards, also by means of production methods that are better than those to which the industry has accustomed us. Our goal is to prevent unregulated industrialization, which is one of the most frequent mistakes made in the preparation of wines.

What are the Valpolicella wines that have contributed to the winery’s fame?
Recioto Accordini Igino

The fame of Accordini Igino is due to the technique that is used to make the most spectacular wines of all Valpolicella. For example, Recioto, a dessert wine to produce which the native grapes of the area (ie Molinara, Rondinella, Corvinone and Corvina) are left in bunches until the end of the harvest. The harvest, in fact, is carried out only when the grapes have reached complete ripeness. At that point the best are selected and left to dry on wooden mats, where they will remain for six months; alternatively they can be left hanging from the ceiling of a ventilated canopy for the whole winter.
Once the withering was carried out, the weight of the grapes was reduced by up to 40%, and their appearance is similar to that of raisins; moreover, the aromas and sugars are concentrated. The vinification is slow, since it usually lasts a month and a half longer than that adopted for classic wines. In this phase, fermentation is suspended: this means that the transformation of sugar into alcohol is not definitively completed by the grapes, and this is why the wine is very structured but less alcoholic, and therefore sweeter.

It is not just the Recioto that holds up the Accordini Igino flag, however.
No, another prominent wine is Amarone della Valpolicella. According to legend, a few decades ago an oenologist forgot to block the fermentation of Recioto that was taking place inside an oak barrel. Thus it was that the sugar present in the grapes was transformed entirely into alcohol, and this gave rise to Amarone, a wine that – as the name suggests – is more bitter and dry. Amarone is a very complex wine, with a very high level of intensity due to the fact that it is made from grapes flavored with grapes. The grape used is Corvina Veronese, dark and small: being complicated to grow, it makes Amarone very precious. Yet it is worth it, because it is a velvety and very intense wine.

Accordini Igino Amarone

Finally, the Accordini Igino winery also offers Ripasso. What is it about?Valpolicella Ripasso boasts a DOCG for just over 10 years. This is an ancient wine production method: freshly fermented batches of Valpolicella wine are fermented again together with the yeasts, seeds and skins that make up the bagasse of Recioto or Amarone. In this way, Accordini Igino offers wine enthusiasts characterized by an intense color, more alcoholic than Valpolicella Classico and characterized by a higher level of complexity.


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