All you need to know about chemo sleep caps.


One of the challenging aspects of chemotherapy or cancer treatment is losing hair. For many, hair provides confidence, and it can be emotionally difficult to lose hair. But many cancer patients need to reduce the symptoms and achieve a long life with the help of chemotherapy. In addition, many don’t attain a soothing and proper sleep. That’s when you require comfortable chemo sleep hats or chemo sleep caps. They are designed specifically for women suffering from hair loss due to chemo or cancer. Many oncologists recommend these caps. This article highlights everything you require to know about the caps. So, read on!

What are the benefits of wearing chemo sleep caps?

Sleep caps are worth the purchase for all cancer patients. But why is it that you must invest in them? You can continue reading to find out. 

  1. They prevent scalp irritation: A common side effect for many cancer or chemotherapy patients is that the scalp becomes sensitive. The chemo sleep caps can add a layer of goodness between the pillow and scalp. The caps are designed to be soft like a cushion and allow you to be comfortable with your pillowcases and bed linen. What if you have a lot of things in your mind and don’t get a good night’s sleep? Also, scalp sensitivity and hair loss symptoms can make you feel frustrated. But you can ensure that the caps can alleviate all your chemotherapy symptoms. 
  2. They help regulate your body temperature: A sleep cap is fuzzy and warm when you wear it. Based on your choices of caps, you can purchase ones that are either more fuzzy or warm. You might not realise the amount of warmth you lose in your head. After losing hair, you can experience cold and chilly nights. Hence, wearing a sleep cap can benefit you by keeping you snuggly and warm every night. Besides keeping you warm, wearing a chemo sleep hat can keep you cool. But it must be made of cool and breathable fabrics to keep you comfortable and regulate your body temperature. 
  3. They work for those with and without hair: Although it is true that chemo sleep hats are crucial for hair loss, they are a fantastic option for patients with grown hair. When hair grows, the chemo caps can prevent tangles and snags. In addition, they can prevent split ends. Hence, they work well with patients with and without hair.

What to look for in chemo sleep caps?

Several factors must be considered before picking chemo sleep caps. You need to select a suitable material with a few seams. So, listed below are what you can look for in chemo sleep caps. 

  1. Material: Material is a prime factor to consider, and chemo sleep caps come in cotton and bamboo materials. When it comes to cotton is a common and popular fabric. Cotton is durable, comfortable, soft, breathable, hypoallergenic, stretchable, and can withstand washes. Bamboo material is soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic, and can hold temperature without hassle.   
  2. Minimal seams: Many individuals overlook the feature of seams. With rough seams, it can irritate the scalp and cause discomfort to the wearer. Minimal and soft seams can make the wearer feel comfortable. Hence, ensure to buy caps with minimal seams. 
  3. Secure fit: A chemo sleep cap with full head coverage can protect your head and conceal your hair loss. It creates a secure fit by covering your entire hairline and nape of the neck. 

Conclusion: There is no need to turn and toss in your sleep because the sleep caps can prevent chills at night and keep your head warm. They can also protect your skin immensely.


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