All You Need To Know About How To Create An Online Course.

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chris montgomery smgTvepind4 unsplash

In order to create an online course, you have to have a plan. This article will walk you through the 7 main steps in developing your course. The article will also provide templates and templates for other things that should be included in your courses such as a syllabus, outline, and student agreement. We can help you get started on developing an online course today – just fill out the form below!

What You Need To Know About How To Create An Online Course. 

Creating a successful online course is a multistep process that requires dedication and commitment from both creators and students alike. You can start by reading about the main steps to how to create an online course along with templates and checklists for each step in the process, including a syllabus and course outline. You can also read about how to get started by filling out the form below!

Step #1: Develop A Course Plan

This includes planning your course and getting feedback from potential students. It also includes ensuring that you have all of the necessary materials when you begin building your material. This process may take up to 7 months and involves email communications with prospective students and proofreading of your course plan by a professional editor. The article below will help you create a plan for creating an online course.

Step #2: Build Your Course

Use our course builder to create your online course by filling out the form and uploading your curriculum. If you’re unsure how to build a course, use this article as a guide.

Step #3: Design A Course Looks

Using our online tools and templates will help you design an effective online course. Many educators believe it’s important for students to see that their teacher “is” an expert in the subject before they can fully trust what the teacher is saying in class, so using a background image or color scheme will help make your classes feel more professional and engaging. Use these articles as a guide to design an effective course.

Step #4: Promote Your Course

There are many ways to promote your online course. You can how to sell online courses your course on our website, post them on your professional website, and send out emails to potential students. There are many options available to you when you create an online course that will help you build up word-of-mouth promotion of your class. Here is a list of tips for creating an online course that can help you develop ideas for promoting your class.

Step #5: Market Your Course

The marketing process of an online course consists of sending out emails to students via email lists, posting your class on social media, and engaging with potential students through discussion boards related to your class. Use the following guides to help you market your course.

Step #6: Design A Syllabus & Course Outline

A syllabus is a document that contains a list of course requirements as well as a tentative outline for the class. It explains how an online course is structured and what expectations students should have for the semester. Here are templates available to help you develop a syllabus and outline for your class.

Step #7: Develop A Teacher Agreement

Your teacher agreement is a document that explains your obligations to your students and what they can expect from you. The following article will walk you through the steps in creating an effective teacher’s agreement that informs your students of their rights and expectations. The guide will also help you develop a contract for yourself if you have not done so already.

Step #8: Make Your Online Course Publicly Available

You can make your online course publicly available via our website or on your personal website by going to Course Manager, clicking on “Create New”, and adding class information such as the title, description, curriculum, pricing, etc.


The syllabus is a document that lays out the expectations of students and the structure of an online course. It’s important to have all points made in your syllabus and outline. A good way to do this is to use a computer program that outlines your class based on your syllabus. Here are guides to help you create a course outline, syllabus, and other documents for your class. 


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