art of fashion


Do you remember when you were a child and you would get involved in fashion? I bet you were a little bit disappointed at the flickering red lights, that were blinking on your bedroom wall. But do you remember what the lightbulb looked like? Actually, it looks just like the eyeglasses that were on top of your bedroom wall. You’ve been living with it for years now, but it’s too late – You’re out of luck. So today I’m about to give you my favourite eyeglasses for making your life more interesting! What do I mean by this? Well… It’s not really about how colourful they are, or the colours they have.

Artist, Mike Stovia is an award winning fashion photographer. From his own studio in Brooklyn to his work for brands like Sur La Table and Mario + Diane, Stovia has created original images that are produced at a high level of quality. The photos he selects are then converted by Adobe Photoshop into 3D models of clothing and accessories so they can be manipulated to create the best possible dress.

Isn’t it amazing what a little inspiration can do for your life!? How much work do you put into your wardrobe? Why don’t we have even more inspiration when it’s time to go shopping? Well, that’s exactly where art of fashion comes in – with fashion design gear to help you find inspiration and trends. You’ll find everything from affordable jewelry to premium high-end watches.


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