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This blog is a great place to find everything you need to know about the high street fashion industry. But… we have something so much better, the HIFFAGG London Fashion Week Blog! This blog is designed to help you in all aspects of fashion, from style and price to trends, creative campaigns and so much more, as well as showcasing what Australian designers are doing at the moment.

Hi! My name is, Hayley. I am a Fashion Blogger from Australia. I’m 17 years old and my favorite color is black and I love spending time with my friends that love to be in fashion and have so much fun dressing. So, what’s up? I’m here to talk about all things Fashion and being a Fashion Writer for Austraila.

Aussie fashion blogger, Lucy Wheat has a knack for pulling you into her blog. Her blogs contain interviewees and fashion bloggers from around the globe, who share their own stories of all the amazing things they’ve been up to with Australia. You can expect to see all of those features on her blogs, as well as her fabulous looks, that’s why you should visit the Aussie Fashion Blogs to learn more about it.


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