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I am absolutely in love with writing and by working with News Whizz, I have developed a passion for it. It helps me to stay updated and know what is happening around the globe.

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barbie fashion show an eye for style

I was first introduced to barbie fashion show by a friend who loves to dress her doll girls in clothes that are so creative...
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11 Creative Ways to Write About wedding venues roswell ga

We have all had those situations where we don’t know where to go when we want to get married. We are in love and...

fashion faves

This is a classic “The Three Levels of Self-Awareness?” question, but in a way that I’ve found inspiring. You know, “How can you take...

victoria secret fashion show wardrobe malfunction

You see me in the mirror, you think I’m beautiful. But deep down inside, you know it’s a lie. I’m not beautiful. I’m a...
Baby Fashion

The Truth About the Baby Fashion Tailor 2 Industry

This post is the first time I’ve used the term “baby fashion tailor 2” to refer to a woman. Baby fashion is the newest...