Avoid These 7 Common Mistakes While Buying Garden Room

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Garden rooms are an excellent investment, especially in the COVID times. People can spend a relaxing time in their garden rooms, or they can catch up with their work. Garden rooms add a luxurious touch to the gardens. It instantly makes your regular garden look different and elegant. But, creating these beauties from scratch is big trouble.

Some DIY enthusiasts take on the project to build it from scratch. They seek permission from the local council, plan the structure, buy the materials, and hire laborers to execute the plan. This entire process can take up a lot of time and…money.

A better alternative to planning your dream garden room is buying one from a reliable manufacturer. But, buying a garden room isn’t as simple as buying a book. Sometimes people order a garden room and forget to ask or take care of essential details. Consequently, they end up buying inappropriate garden rooms. And not to mention wasting their hard-earned money.

Today’s article will indicate 7 common mistakes that you should avoid while buying garden rooms.

7 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Garden Room

1. Not Acquiring Planning Permission

Residents aren’t required to seek permission from the local council for garden rooms or sheds. Most of the time, these outbuildings fall under permitted development. But, you still need to be sure before you pay a hefty amount for a garden room.

It will be a pity if you learn later that garden rooms are not permitted on your property. Thus, it is always a good idea to seek permission from the local authority. Ask them about the size, height, distance from the house, and other requirements.

The second mistake that you need to stay clear of is…

2. Not Investing In Solid Foundations

A garden room is not a room inside your house, but it is still a room on your property. Hence, it requires a sound foundation to stay for a long time.

Many people forget to ask the sellers about the foundations. They believe that the seller will take care of the foundation. But not all sellers factor in the cost of laying a foundation in their selling price.  

They charge the customer extra for laying a solid foundation for the garden house. Or they skip out the foundation part and leave it entirely up to the customer.

If your seller lays down the foundation for you, don’t forget to ask for more details. Ask him about the foundation type and the materials used for building it. The details will give you an idea about the foundation’s strength and your garden room’s life.

Moving on to the third common mistake, which is forgetting about insulation.

3. Forgetting About The Insulation

One of the most significant benefits of building your garden room is that you can properly insulate it while in the developing phase. When people buy garden room kits, they don’t think much about insulation.

Garden rooms can be relaxing. But, sitting in a cold garden room is no fun. Hence, you must ask the seller about the insulation of the garden room. If your vendor will insulate the garden house, ask him about the material and its equality.

Suppose your vendor doesn’t provide the insulation. In that case, you can hire someone to do it before the harsh winters kick in.

The fourth mistake you must avoid while buying a garden room is not asking about its interior.

4. Not Checking The Interior Finish Of The Garden Room

Some garden rooms look lovely from the outside. Yet, they are pretty average from the inside. People overlook asking for the interior details because of the exterior of the garden room. They assume that their garden rooms will be as spectacular from inside as outside.

But, that’s not the case every time. In fact, some people hate the plain and boring interiors of the rooms. Hence, you must ask the vendor about the interior finish of the garden house. You wouldn’t want to pay for something you don’t like from the inside, right?

If you have a plan or ideas for the interiors, share them with the seller. He might tweak changes in the room or design it as per your likings. But, this might cost you a little extra. Thus, discuss the cost beforehand.

While we are on the subject of costs, let’s not forget about the mistake of not asking for the cost breakup.

5. Assuming Everything Is Included In The Price

Garden room suppliers show their customers pictures of the most beautiful garden rooms. The customers get excited over pictures and forget to ask if all of that is included in the price.

Many times the price that is quoted is for the basic garden room and doesn’t include any extra features or décor. Also, most customers assume that the seller will also bear the shipping and assembling charges. But, that’s not always the case.

In fact, sometimes, the customers might have to pay an additional amount for shipment, assembling, and other installations in the garden room.

Hence, always ask your vendor what’s included in the price. Also, if you want to add some extra features, ask about their prices before placing the order. You wouldn’t want a garden house that costs you an arm or a leg.

The next mistake, which can land you in hot waters, is not inquiring about the guarantee.

6. Buying A Garden Room Without A Guarantee

Paying a huge sum for a garden room that doesn’t have a guarantee doesn’t sound great, does it?

Having a guarantee provides the benefit of calling the company to help you fix any problem with the garden room. Without a guarantee, you have to figure out the problem yourself. And not to mention, you might have to shell out extra cash for it.

Hence, always buy a garden room from a seller who provides a guarantee. And ensure to get the written guarantee before settling the bills.

The last mistake on the list is not thinking about the electrical wiring of the garden room.

7. Failure To Factor The Electrical Wiring

One of the biggest reasons why garden rooms are a good investment is that they can be used in many ways. You can turn it into your office, relaxing place, or a hangout spot with your friends.

Hence, you need to think about the electrical wiring. For example, if you plan to use the garden room like an office, you will need lights, a heater, an internet connection, etc. Some garden rooms provide the facility to hook the garden room to the mains. While some garden rooms require running cables throughout.

Hence, make sure you ask about the electrical wirings and hire a professional for it.

The Bottom Line

Garden rooms elevate the look of your garden. They provide you with an additional room right in your garden to stay close to nature. Several studies have shown that staying close to nature helps ease stress. Hence, investment in a garden house is beneficial for you in the long run.

But, before you hand out your money to the vendor, ensure that you are not making any of the above mistakes.

Good luck with buying a wonderful garden room!


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