barbie fashion frenzy


Today in fashion, the iconic dolls are all over the place. You see them on billboards and in magazines with very little to no actual movement or wearable detail. So, why are they so popular? Well, their movements are so precise and consistent, it’s nearly impossible not to notice a direct correlation between how active someone is and how well they look. And that brings us to Barbie fashion frenzy! What if a “new Barbie” could be designed that would be every bit as cute as the real thing? Or better yet, equally as active? The answers you’re going to get are pretty interesting.

I’m in a barbie fashion frenzy ever since I saw the Barbie doll that’s rightfully on the big screen. A vision from my childhood of a world where everyone would have their perfect tall, beautiful and stylish options continues to behes over me today. The success of this film started with some great short shorts, but it has now morphed into a full-on Barbies meltdown. If you’re not familiar with Barbie, the movie is about a girl who lives in an ordinary house surrounded by her dolls and one day gets invited to a party due to her dress.


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