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Anything that you can do to help the environment will be appreciated. Ideally, everyone would do their bit, but it can be hard to encourage some that it is worth it. There must be a bit of commitment, and getting down to zero waste will take time, but the sooner you start, the more of a difference you can make. Vulkan bet can bring enjoyment but being eco will bring a sense of achievement.

Eco Friendly at Home

Speaking, being eco-friendly means taking action not to harm the planet. Everyone can do something, and there is no need for it to cost the earth. In some cases, it can be cheaper to change. Rather than buy that daily bottle of water, buy a nice water bottle, and fill it at home before you go out. Solar panels are expensive to install but can save you money in the long run. Grants are available from time to time, but not everyone will get one. Not only can you provide your electricity, but in countries like the UK, it can be sold back to the government. Using a boiler can also be eco-friendly as it can be fueled by gas, oil, or biomass.

Around the Home

Detergents can contain ingredients that can damage the environment, so you can change them to less harmful ones. Producing toilet paper uses a lot of trees, and water and the amount used worldwide is causing devastation to trees. Bamboo toilet rolls are ideal as bamboo grows so quickly that it is easier to replace.

Day to Day

What goes down the drain ends up in the ocean, and when it is shampoo and conditioner, it is not good. Soap bars are safer and can be fine for hair – no damaging ingredients and no plastic packaging. Gifts can take a lot of paper to wrap, and most of it ends up in the bin. If you buy recycled and encourage the recipient to recycle, it can help cut down waste.

Electric cars are becoming more important in manufacturing as CO2 emissions are damaging the environment. Batteries are less damaging and are improving all the time. Zero waste is harder to define, as various countries have different definitions. Ideally, zero would mean exactly that, and only what was going to be used was produced. Food is probably the area where this is easiest to define. If you buy it or grow it, then you use it. 

Don’t Throw Away Anything 

In other areas of life, zero waste is less likely to be exactly zero, but that is the aim. Plastic is a major issue, and there have been attempts at making biodegradable bags, and in some cases, it has been successful. At times it will have to be a ban before things can get better. No one needs a paper or plastic straw, yet they are still bought. Zero waste is an aspiration at present, but many people are working towards making it a reality.


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