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Festival Hydration

While we could give a multitude of advice on gear, styles, and trends, we wanted to make sure that you return to festival season prioritizing one thing, the best festival water bag. If there was one thing you needed to spend money on, it would be a reliable and functional rave bag. For our top pick, we are going to recommend the RaveRunner Hydration Pack. While we will get into the details of it below, we are ranking it as the best festival hydration pack solely because of its look and anti-theft design. Let us take a deeper look now. 

Why is this the Best Festival Hydration Pack?

Anti Theft Hydration Pack Design

Let us talk about this further, as some people are a little unclear by what we mean. Theft at music festivals has been an ongoing problem for years now. There does not seem to be a change in the mentality of these thieves in the foreseeable future, so someone had to make a statement by totally changing the product design. Instead of having the zipper in the back like most backpacks, the anti-theft RaveRunner has zippers on the panel that lays on your back. This way, nobody can enter your backpack unless it is off your shoulders. Of course, they have some external pockets, but the people at GenZ stress that these pockets are to be used solely for gum and other inexpensive items. 

If we did not already convince you that this was the best festival hydration pack then check this out. The RaveRunner also has some hidden pockets. If someone was to ever steal your entire backpack, you may be able to stop them from stealing your cash and credit cards if you are to use the hidden pockets and somehow manage to get your anti-theft festival bag back. 

Hydration Pack Rave

Not only is an anti-theft hydration pack beneficial, but this hydration pack RAVES. Yes, this festival bag can light up with EL wire and a patent pending underglow technology to make it a fully functional LED backpack. Does your current hydration pack rave? If not, take a quick look at how you can thread the light string wire throughout the pack. Now, when you are in the crowd, your friends will easily be able to spot you from a far knowing what color and the design of your EL wire is. This makes it the perfect festival water bag for your next event.

I will also mention that the underglow makes you stand out so much more. People will most likely stop and hangout around you to dance on your self-made disco floor. I would highly recommend checking out the image below so that you understand what we mean when we call this the best festival hydration pack.

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Custom Designs

If an anti-theft hydration pack that raves wasn’t enough for you, then go ahead and order a custom skin panel designed by you. GenZ has a software on their website that enables you to upload an image and get it printed on a panel that attaches to your festival hydration pack. Why hasn’t someone thought of this beforehand? That beats us, but you can bet that we will be adding this to our festival essentials list for 2021.

We were skeptics of this feature at first, but now that we have seen people rocking some custom designs, we fully understand how it works and are planning on investing in our own custom skins sometime soon. Having the ability to rock a custom hydration pack at a festival really makes you stick out and feel unique. 

Easy Re-fill

Another feature that makes the RaveRunner the best festival hydration pack is its easy refill technology. No longer do you have to fully take your bladder out of your backpack, now you can just utilize the external refill port. This speeds us the water line at festivals and gets you back to partying faster than before. We will stress that GenZ only utilizes one kind of hydration bladder, if you are to break it, you are going to need to purchase a new one from their site. However, the bladder is rather cheap so there really isn’t much of a worry there. 


Another thing that we have experienced in the past are very uncomfortable bags. That is not the case with the RaveRunner. Since it was actually design by a running coach, you can’t expect this festival water bag to be poorly designed. This bag is tapered so it does not cash your back to get overheated while out on a hike or in the crowd of a hot summer festival. Additionally, GenZ utilized an adjustment strap method that is commonly found on really nice hydration packs used in ultramarathon running. This method distributes weight throughout your body, thus minimizing abrasions on the shoulder area. 

Now, are we right that the RaveRunner is undoubtedly the best festival hydration pack for raves? These crazy features add up to give you a festival experience like you never have had before. If you are still unsure or don’t believe us, just head on over to their website and check the reviews out for yourself. Stay tuned for what GenZ has in store. They recently launched a Chest Bag, and Running Chest Pack that complements the RaveRunner perfectly.


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