Best Live-TV Streaming Apps and Services (2021)

Streaming Apps

With the constant increase in cord-cutting trend where customers are discontinuing cable services and switching to OTT platforms, the options are also increasing on the other side. Streaming services, live streaming services, online platforms for live and recorded content that has libraries of unlimited content. Some are free, with limited access while paid subscriptions bring more features and content that could never be watched. 

Cutting the cord has dramatically augmented the need for internet services, data, and connectivity even more. We would suggest you must check CenturyLink prices as it has the fastest speed and coverage and won’t disappoint you. 

That being said, in this article, we will be sharing the best Live-TV streaming Apps and Services in 2021. However, with the number of streaming services increasing the choices are expanding and it’s hard to keep a track of what is best and fits our budget. Therefore, we have curated a table so you can compare all the essential aspects before considering any option for yourself or your household. Here is the table where you can compare the Best Live Streaming Apps and services:

 Hulu + Live TVFubo TVSling TVAT&TYouTube TV
Free trialYesYesYesYesYes
Cloud DVRYesYes (250 hours)Yes (50 hrs., 200 hrs. for $5/mo.)Yes (20 hours, unlimited for $10 a month)Yes (unlimited)
Base charges$65/mo. for 70+ channels$65/mo. for 100+ channels45+ (Blue) channels or $35/mo. for 30+ (Orange) $70/mo. for 65+ channels$65/mo. for 85+ channels
family members or user profilesYesYesNoNoYes
Real-time streams each account2 ($15 with  unlimited option)31 (Orange), and 3 (Blue)20 (in home, 3 outside of it)3
skip ads with cloud DVR or Fast-forwardNo (Yes with $10 option)YesYesNo ( but with a $15 option)Yes
CBS, ABC, NBC and, Fox channelsYes, in various marketsYes, in various marketsNBC and Fox only in select townsYes, in various marketsYes, in various markets

Does the service offer a free trial?

Streaming services are known for their free trials. Like other entertainment services, streaming services don’t need you to sign contracts, making the method as simple as possible. Most service providers have a trial period of seven days, which is enough to test their services. 

Does the service carry local channels?

Local channels display shows from channels, such as CBS, FOX, PBS, NBC, and The CW Live. A streaming service with no local channels will not keep you up-to-date about weather, sports, and news. 

Are your streaming devices and apps compatible?

Trying an app through its free trial feature is the best way to check its compatibility. However, you have, to check if the app is available on your devices or not. You can use streaming apps such as Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, and Apple TV, as they offer better performance. 

What is the difference between live TV streaming and on-demand streaming TV?

Live TV streaming refers to the visual content that is operated live on TV networks. You can consider it the same as cable or satellite services. The only difference is that live TV streaming uses the internet for displaying the content. 

On-demand streaming TV refers to watching shows or movies that the customer wants to watch. Netflix and YouTube are common examples of on-demand streaming platforms. Every user loves watching different shows and movies. This feature allows them to watch their favorite shows whenever they want. You can also consider the pre-recorded shows or cloud DVR as on-demand features. 

Do I need a fast internet connection for live TV streaming?

In 2021, we would recommend you to use the internet that delivers at least 25 Mbps of speed. It will ensure that you enjoy endless live streaming without any interruptions. And if you and your family members love watching 4K streaming at the same time, you’ll have to go for an extended internet plan that gets you more data and internet speed. For gaming obsesses users, an internet package of 100 Mbps would be a decent choice. Though, with the internet the rule is simple, the more you pay, the better bandwidth and experience you will have. 


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