Best quality durable valves.


Are you looking for durable faucets that serve industrial purposes? Stopcocks are structural devices used to regulate the media flow and control the system. They are also called valves

They are normally used in many application systems such as,

  • Agriculture
  • Automobiles
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Household
  • Pumping systems
  • Chemical
  • Petroleum and diesel
  • Food processing
  • Sewage water treatment

Know about the different types of devices

Manual devices

These valves get operated with human intervention. It consists of a frame, pedal, or handle using which a person rotates manually to regulate the flow.

Automatic or actuated devices

These objects do not require human intervention and get accessed with the help of temperature, pressure, or flow rate.

Pneumatic devices

They get triggered by the compressors, actuators, and motors. They are utilised in many large scale industries and operated by either manual or automatic types. They work by compressing the atmospheric air gases such as nitrogen and carbon-di-oxide that power the devices.

Benefits – Cost-efficient, adaptable and safest

Hydraulic devices

They are commonly used in controlling and regulating the flow of liquid systems. Hydraulics is a part of fluid mechanics and uses a very high pressure to generate and transmit power. They are also used to control the systematic flow of water in river basins.

Solenoid devices

They get operated using electrical power. These devices create an electromagnetic field of high strength with different mechanisms.

Some of the mechanisms include a plunger, linear type, armature, and rotary actuators. 

Benefits – Simple design, safe, durable with high compatibility

1/4 turn devices – Ball, butterfly, and plug

1. Ball 

They are rotating devices consisting of a ball located between two seats. It is a two-way valve that gets rotated at about a 90-degree angle.

2. Butterfly

They consist of a body and a rotating disc sealed with a ring. Flow is regulated by rotating the disc. It is also called an ON/OFF valve.

3. Plug

It is similar to a ball valve except that it is in the shape of an actuator. They consist of a cylinder operating the same way as a ball valve opening and closing. They do not contain any empty spaces and effectively prevent the leakage of liquids.

Look for the following features before choosing devices.

Size of the valve

Based on the nature of the application, the valve size has to be selected wisely. A size error tends to cause bad consequences in industrial level usage.


The state of fluid determines the material of the devices. If you use harsh chemicals or corrosive materials, pick the material accordingly, such as PFA’s. If you use high-pressure compressed gases, go for high-strength metals for better safety and reliability.

Method of actuation

Analyse the actuation method and whether the valve gets operated manually or automatically. Hydraulic, pneumatic, and solenoid types also play a prominent role here.


Pick two-way or three-way devices depending on your level of application. Two-way devices get used only for ON/OFF functions, whereas three-way valves also perform flow diversion of the media.

Ensure regular maintenance cleaning

Check whether all the maintenance spare parts are made available during the purchase of valves. Regular cleaning and maintenance need to be carried out to increase the lifespan and performance of these devices.


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