bombay fashion


As people from different countries and faith traditions walk towards each other on the streets of Mumbai, they keep checking out their neighborhood stores. It’s a good thing, don’t you think, that Indian brands are doing okay? Well it seems that the city has also started to rise up in regards to fashion. The city is still struggling with being known as the fashion capital of the world but what do you expect when you have an adventurous array of high-quality brands like Duradesh and Suraj Bhatt.

In today’s eyes, bombay fashion is the epitome of modern manfulness. After all, we believe in perpetual weariness and the weariness of constant activities. With that said, we are curious about the ways our society produces this degree of weariness. Do you know the reason why some people spend hours a day at work? Is it because they are working hard to avoid boredom or is it because they’re trying to look presentable? It’s all anyone can think of when they ask these questions. What if you could get a little bit better at looking presentable? Now you don’t have to spend hours in front of a mirror or wait for someone to put on your clothes.

BAGTRA – Bombay Fashion is all about fashion! Do you love to watch fashion? Well, BAGTRA has it all. From designing shoes, to designing clothing, to designing wedding attire, from lighting up fashion shows and making shoes, all the way down to styling hair and makeup. We also want you to be able to walk into a wedding at any point of time with the outfit that you most like.


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