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Accessing a medium or large bookmaker means having access, daily, to more than 40 thousand options for guessing in the most diverse modalities , special and long-term markets. Their quotations are constantly updated , which makes a broader assessment unfeasible, involving a large number of possibilities.

Therefore, decided to use a simple sample to determine which house offers the best prizes. For that, he took the filet mignon from the sporting events of Wednesday, April 4 , which was the classic between Chelsea x Manchester City for the Premier League and visited all the houses analyzed in the 1st ranking of bookmakers operating in Brazil, taking notes of the prizes offered.

Sum of quotes determine position in the listing
To determine which one offered the best odds , he added the prizes presented for each of the three betting possibilities (winning home team, winning visiting team or tie).

This research showed that Bet365 has the best prices on the market, barely exceeding Betsson and Unibet , who completed the podium. The difference to the others was greater, reaching over 0.5 in comparison with the last placed on the list, Betmotion , which offered the lowest prizes for the English classic.


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