Bringing it Back to the Basics: 4 Traditional ways to Promote your Father’s Day Sales

Fathers Day
Fathers Day

Whether you’ve been blessed with the football dad or the backyard BBQ dad, one thing’s for sure: we love our fathers and should take every opportunity to show them how much they’re really appreciated! And what better day to do so than father’s day?

Amongst all the fatherly celebrations and festivities, companies left and right are taking the opportunity to promote their special sales for the season, hoping to make big bank and double up on their customers. And there’s no reason why you should be lagging behind. 

While the digital world is exciting and full of possibility, it’s sometimes the basics and the traditional that really give us the push that we’re looking for – and this is more relevant than ever for your father’s day sales. 

Here are top promotion ideas to market your father’s day sales and offers: 

Use Posters to Boost your Sales

A good poster goes a long way, and a retail sale poster is particularly useful for any business looking to sell. Take advantage of platforms such as PosterMyWall that house dozens of retail sale poster templates letting you easily create custom posters for your brand. Simply pick and click to edit, creating the poster of your business dreams. 

And of course, these poster templates aren’t just generic – you can find tons of Father’s Day posters that can be used with only minor adjustments to promote your father’s day sale. So, no need to hire a fancy graphic designer or spend hours slugging over creating original designs, with PosterMyWall you can use existing templates, editing them on your own – and much more – in a matter of clicks. 

All that’s left now is the distribution which is fairly simple. Be sure to target places with heavy footfall, local schools and colleges, and supermarkets. 

Text Messaging Services

Our phones are practically an extension of our hands, and we usually respond to every buzz buzz buzz sooner rather than later. To promote your father’s day sales, it’s time to join the messaging gang and embrace it as your own, using it to pave the way for your success. 

You can choose to run a short text messaging campaign focused on father’s day and how your brand will be celebrating the event, including any special offers and sales that will be going on. Take care not to bombard with messages – a couple during the course of the campaign is a good way to go so your customers remember you but don’t become annoyed!

Make sure to keep your texts short, with contact details and your address mentioned so that your targeted audience can actually convert into customers. 

Drop By with Mail

Nothing quite matches the joy of opening a personal letter, one that has your name on it and has traveled miles to reach its destination at your desk. Using physical mail to promote your father’s day sales is a great idea! 

Not only can you combine words with visuals, including flyers and brochures in your mail pack to show your customers exactly what deals you’re offering them, but you can also guarantee delivery by choosing a to-door postal service. Or take it up a notch and include father’s day discount vouchers with your mail, both giving your customers an incentive to shop from you and you an easy metric for measuring the success of your mail campaign. 

Digitize your Billboards 

Just because we’re sticking with the traditional for our father’s day promotion, it doesn’t mean that we can’t spruce up some of our ideas. While billboards are a classic nod to age-old marketing, it clearly has a place in today’s world, and you can take it one step further by digitizing your billboard. 

Choose your billboard content with careful thought: display the various father’s day deals you’re offering, play a memorable message for the father community, and invite your customers to celebrate the day with you. And of course, the location is key – place your digital billboard where it can be seen by all!

So, if you’re running father’s day deals and offers and really want them to give your business the boost that it needs, then these are the tips that you need to apply!


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