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The generic grill covers may sometimes fail to maintain your grill unit properly. In the case of premium grills like the Weber Spirit grill, you need to ensure optimum protection to the unit to ensure the best performance and full return on investment over time. On getting a good quality grill cover also, you need to maintain it well by scrabbing the cover with mild soap to remove any dirt or grease from it and rinse it out well. You should also clean the grill’s exterior parts every once in a while, to keep it clean.

Some heavy-duty grill cover choices

Here is a list of some of the top-notch grill covers which are meant to keep your grill shielded for years.

55-338-371501-00 Veranda Cover (Classic Accessories)

This is a heavy-duty cover is fully water-resistant as well as comes with add-on features for grill component protection. This is made from woven polyester fabric material, which has laminated backing, and it also has a protective backing layer for water protection and durability. There are also integrated vents that will allow the water vapor to escape and prevent any condensation to build up inside the cover, and preventing any wind lofting. There are also padded handles which makes it easy to operate the cover. Adjustable hem cord with straps attached will make sure that the cover may not be blown off in heavy winds.

58-inch VicTsing Grill Cover

This cover features 600D heavy-duty polyester, which can keep the grills covered from all harmful elements. Another major feature of this cover is that it has exterior bound seams, which offer high-density stitching to ensure optimum water resistance, capable of holding up onto the grill during heavy winds. This model is also highly UV resistant.

Straps help keep the cover in place, and the VicTsing Grill Cover’s padded handles will make installing and removing the cover much easier for the users. It is also very easy to clean. You may simply spray water onto it using a hose to simply wash off the dirt and mud on it. The cover is available in 5 standard sizes, from 30 inche to more than 72 inche wide.

Char-Broil Large 3-4 Burner Grill Cover

This grill cover from Char-Broil ensures enough protection for the grilling units. Compared to other premium model heavy duty grill covers, this is a cheaper option for grill owners. The cover is made of good quality vinyl fabric and also features sealed seams to make the cover capable to endure wet weather. It also has a 14mm thick material that can resist any tear and also feature a protective liner that can withstand harmful UV rays.

The Char-Broil also comes in different sizes 2-burner units and for and 3 to 4-burner grill units. The basic size measures 52 inches, whereas the 3-4 burner size is up to 62 inches x 42 inches. This cover also has side straps that ensure a better fit and has drawstrings to prevent wind from blowing it off.

You can find even more options like this by searching online. You may simply explore as many options as possible and compare the features and pricing to get the best one for you.


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