Can You Repair Broken Zippers?

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You are excited to wear your favorite dress but all of a sudden, its zipper breaks. While this can be very disappointing, does it mean that there is no longer hope? Of course not! Although it can be very tricky to repair broken zippers, it is easy to with a bit of know-how and skill. 

So, how do you go about with fixing a broken zipper? Can you just watch some videos on YouTube about zipper repair or do you need to take your dress to a professional who will be able to repair it zipper and deal with the cumbersome job on your behalf.  

To help you with your decision-making, below are a few tips for fixing broken zippers:

How to Fix Split Zippers

One very common problem with zippers is their tendency to split easily. This issue can be fixed by taking the zipper’s old slider then bringing this to the top of the zipper with a seam ripper to remove the stitching. You will need to remove the zipper stop.

After getting the slider off, you can slide the new one in its place right from the top to ensure that the nose of the glider points toward the top of the zipper. You will then have to attach the new zipper stop at the zipper’s top so that slider cannot be removed. 

How to Fix Missing Zipper Teeth

If the zipper has any missing teeth, the tack at the zipper’s bottom and the bottom zipper stop should be removed. The garment should be turned inside out and use a seam ripper to remove the stop. A bigger bottom stop can be used as replacement to cover the missing teeth of the zipper and ensure that you push the prongs of the bottom zipper stop to the material on top of the old zipper stop. 

Close the prongs with a pair of pliers to ensure that it remains in place. You can then turn back the garment right side in then stitch to attach the zipper’s bottom part again.  

How to Fix a Broken Zipper Pull

When the zipper pull is broken, the perfect solution is replacing the zipper pull. If you are okay with not using the actual pull, there are a lot of temporary replacements you can use such as a keyring, paperclip, or safety ping. Just slide this through the tab of the slider to attach the new zipper pull. 

How to Fix a Stuck Zipper

It can be very annoying to try to fix a zipper that got snagged on the fabric but it is quite easy to do. One way to solve this problem is rubbing the pencil tip on the zipper teeth again and again until the material loosens up to remove the zipper from being stuck. In case this method doesn’t work, you can use some soap to lubricate the teeth as you slowly inch down the zipper and apply the soap again continuously.   

Use these tips to fix your broken zippers in no time!


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