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Online pharmacies refer to pharmacies that are operating on the web. The user will find his product online and the order will be sent to him/her through shipping companies or mail. A customer will have the opportunity to order from a local pharmacy as well as a pharmacy located in another country. The shipping time will depend on where the physical pharmacy is compared to the location of the customer. One point to be careful of while trying to order drugs online is to ensure that the website you are using is legitimate. A lot of unethical or illegal pharmacies are using the web and will most probably not follow any standard procedural safeguards and send counterfeit or outdated medications. As such, if you want to order any medicine online, it’s better to pay attention to the website you’re using. Always make sure that the online pharmacy you are using is legitimate by looking for the reviews that other customers made for it. 

Having access to health care and taking medicine, can be expensive, especially when it comes from the US. Prices for medicinal drugs will always vary from one country to the other, depending on how the government decided to take care of it. Medical care in the US is never free, someone will always have to pay for it at a high price. However, it’s not the case for US’ neighbor: Canada. In fact, Canadian pharmacy prices online are significantly cheaper than the ones in the US.  The price for medicines in Canada is cheaper because, for them, their government is regulating the price of each product. In fact, a review board of the government will decide if the prices for each product are reasonable or excessive depending on what it is. As such, if a medicine is reviewed as being too expensive, it will not be part of the drug formulary. In the US the process is entirely different. In this country, the government is prohibited by law from negotiating any prices for every health care program. As such, drug companies are totally free to set any prices they like for medicinal prescription which results a lot of time with unaffordable prices. Generally speaking, prices in online pharmacies are cheaper in the US which is why there are more people relying on the net to order their drugs rather than going to a normal pharmacy. However, even if online US pharmacies are cheaper, Canadian pharmacies prices online are still significantly cheaper. 

Since the fact that Canadian online pharmacies are cheaper than the ones for the US, a lot of illegal online pharmacies will pretend to be from Canada in order to attract customers. To avoid being scammed by a fake online pharmacy, it is really important to make sure that the online seller is licensed and to know exactly what kind of medicine you want to purchase. Frauds and scams are really common on internet, especially with an industry as powerful as the pharmacy industry. As such, every time you are looking for affordable medicine always be careful before ordering anything. 


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