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victoria secret fashion show 2016 on tv

I was so excited to see that this fashion show took place at the home of the fashion world's queen. But then I got even...

21st century fashion

Literally anything we wear has a next generation or '21st century' version. 21st Century fashion is about fusing trends and new technologies to create...
Omega Watches

3 Facts You Should Know About Omega Watches

Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth. It has undergone tremendous pressures and fusions from the earth's underground to create precious jewelry for us...

fashion to figure white dresses

One of my favorite past times that I get to talk about is fashion. I have a lot of friends that are either in...

men hipster fashion

So what if I wasn’t a hipster? I’ll admit I am one of them, so for me to embrace it, I had to embrace...