Challenges Of Oral Drug Delivery And How To Overcome Them

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Oral drug delivery systems can be challenging for pediatrics over an extended period. The novel drug system is designed to prevent any problem affiliated with psychological impairments and swallowing.

The evolution of the oral drug delivery system is quite challenging as the scientists have to maintain the quality, safety, and efficacy of the drugs while delivering them into the system. Furthermore, the pediatric formulation’s demand, needs, and special quality make it even harder to develop it.

With the oral medication help, patients get their hands on the convenient way to consume their medication without issues. However, although oral medication is the simplest way to consume medicine, there are some patients who find it hard to swallow it.

Challenges Of Oral Drug Delivery

When a team tries to develop a new medicine, there are many challenges they need to overcome.

1. Delicacy Valuation

While developing pediatric formulas, one of the most important things the team needs to prioritize is to mask the original taste of the medicine. In addition, they need to ensure that the patients cannot taste the active pharmaceutical ingredients.

One of the extreme disadvantages of the delicacy valuation is the vitro determinations. The tastes of the adults and kids are different; the developer team needs to go through several trials and errors before getting the final result.

The problem can also be solved by considering the flavor preferred by the child. This ensures that patients of all ages can easily consume the medicine.

2. Formulation Improvement

During the improvement of the oral medication, the main significance is the relevance of the formulation property. For instance, you might find that the older children are more comfortable with the solid medication and the younger children are more comfortable with the liquid medications.

While developing the oral medication, the taste is not the priority. Instead, the priorities are the physiological and physical parameters. For instance, when the drug is created, the solubility characteristics of the drug are highly prioritized.

The solubility factor is considered because developing medicine in solid-state and masking its taste while doing so is really difficult. The last thing you would like to taste is the real thing while taking in your tablets.

How To Overcome Them?

We are living in the most advanced civilization mankind has ever seen. Today we have several oral drug delivery systems to ensure patients can take their medicine with ease. Although there are a few challenges that people face, you can easily overcome them.

Here are a few strategies that can help you overcome oral delivery challenges

1. Understand The Drug

Understanding the medicine you are taking is important. Most doctors think that speaking with the patient once will solve the problem. No! Education needs to be an ongoing process, and communication needs to come from other people. Always remind the patients about the medicine they are taking and its risk, especially the patients on multiple medications.

2. Take Note Of the Side Effects

Yes, medicine does have side effects. When you consume more than you need, it harms your body, especially when something is some form of drug. When you are taking any medicine, talk with your doctors to find whether themed ice has any side effects or not. This will help you prepare yourself beforehand.

3. Ask Your Doctor About Slitting Pills In Half

Some of the medication can be split or converted into powdered form for easy consumption. You can talk with your doctor to see whether you can crush or break your medication. In most cases, the doctor will restrict you from doing that as it reduces the potency of the medicine. 


Oral medication has certainly helped people with the effective consumption of the medicine. However, despite being one of the most common ways to take medicine, it does come with its share of challenges.

This article has discussed the challenges of oral drug delivery and has suggested what could be solutions.


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