Choosing the right bike lights for your safety

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The cycle is one of the most efficient means of transport. Whether you use cycle as a means to travel to work and back, for leisure or as a competitive sport, you need to have front and rear bike lights. It may seem pretty obvious, but there is a dual benefit of using them in dim/dark light conditions. First, they increase your visibility, and secondly, they help others to see the rider. Lights are an essential piece of bike accessories for bikers. Statistics say car-bike collisions are more common at night time, but luckily, these collisions can be largely prevented simply by using the right kind of lights that makes you visible to other road users and makes your cycling experience at night safer and convenient. 

Bike lights and night riding

Undoubtedly, cycling is an enjoyable hobby only if you have the right kind of equipment and gear. So if you want to take the necessary precautions to keep yourself and others safe and out of danger, the least you need to do is invest in a pair of lights for your bike. When you ride at night or early morning before sunrise, you need to adhere to the law and make sure you have the correct reflectors and lights fitted to your bike. According to the professionals, the most common lights in cycles are white lights at the front and red lights at the back. And they should be fully functional. You can add white front reflectors and spoke reflectors to increase your visibility further, and don’t forget to add red rear reflectors and amber pedal reflectors as well. In addition, you can use helmet-mounted lights that can assist in off-road riding.

Why should you use lights on your bike?

Like in most countries, here also it is mandatory to have a front and rear set of lights on a bike when travelling at night. However, many cyclists still ride without them fitted on their cycle. It is needless to say that lights keep you safe. Many people avoid them and think of them as an added cost, but this isn’t the case. They are one of the essential bike accessories that can save your life. Riding a bike is a lot more dangerous than you think, especially at the peak times of traffic congestion and at nights when there is least visibility on the roads and chances of collision is maximum. So, whenever you are riding your bike in any reduced visibility condition, make sure you have a good set of lights fitted.

Types of lights for bikes

Your choice of lights will depend on your preferences and the amount of light you may require. Suppose you are travelling to some unfamiliar areas with low visibility, more powerful bike lights are a must. For maximum safety and high visibility, make sure your cycle has high power headlights and rear lights. No doubt, when cycling on a long journey, you need the best gear and backup supplies. Running the risk is never a good option for anyone. You might be too close to oncoming traffic when travelling on the road, and they cannot see you; what’s more startling than this.
Investing in quality bike lights will take you a long way for sure. Next time you head for a night riding, it is crucial that you have suitable lighting on your bike so that you enjoy yourself whilst staying safe. Remember not to grab the first one you see; consider various aspects of your cycling routines and then determine the type of light that best suits you.


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