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In different discussions, the topic of stogies appropriate for novices shows up over and over at customary spans. What’s more, I am additionally routinely asked which stogies I would prescribe to an amateur.

Above all else, I might want to call attention to that this is my closely-held conviction, notwithstanding which there are numerous other, some of the time opposing evaluations.

Regardless of numerous different consultants, I don’t really accept that that an amateur ought to consistently begin with an exceptionally gentle however thick stogie from the Dominican Republic. Or maybe, I accept that an imminent stogie smoker should initially get a little outline of the distinctive smell spectra of the various nations of root. Regardless of whether he can’t separate the individual flavors yet, he can absolutely recognize which stogie or starting point claims to him. The cost of a stogie will positively additionally assume a part for some trying fans. Not every person will spend more than 30 € for an excessively exceptional stogie directly toward the start. Consequently, in my suggestions you will discover various, however subjectively awesome stogies from various nations and from various value ranges.

ADV – The Navigator Vespucci Robusto (Dominican Republic)

Delightful, mellow stogie with a fascinating smell range. Calfskin, coffee, vanilla.

H. Upmann – Half Corona (Cuba)

Hearty, rough, however smooth simultaneously. Gentle to medium solid.

Montecristo – Open Regata (Cuba)

Normal Cuban kinds of wood, earth and cowhide. Mellow.

VegaFina – Corona (Dominican Republic)

Gentle stogie with velvety woody fragrances, moreover nutty-sweet with flower notes.

Manor Zamorano – Robusto (Honduras)

Exceptionally smooth stogie with mellow fragrances of espresso, nuts and almonds. Gentle.

On the off chance that you need to attempt more stogies reasonable for amateurs, I suggest the accompanying stogies:


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