close up fashion level 1


My name is Gabriel. I make clothing and shoes that will make you forget you are wearing shoes. I want to teach you how to do that with print on fabric, knit, crochet and other fanciful methods. This is not a tutorial on how to wear a shoe. This is how I want to teach you how to walk in my shoes. If you are interested in learning more about the possibilities of print on fabric, see my tumblr page: close up fashion level 1 . Also, if you’re looking for an advanced tutorial for knitting or crocheting on yarn, check out these beginner’s tutorials: Beginner’s Tutorials on Knitting or Crochet.

is something you want to learn a lot more about. Learn more about this new fashion level 1. If you are looking for something to make Thanksgiving dinner special, then look no further than these tiny dishcloths. I also recommend trying this out on your friends when you start making those big Thanksgiving specials.


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