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As a being, people always tend to treasure memories, especially those who made a significant impact on them, by heart or by the mind. These memories will forever live on their subconscious throughout their lives. With pictures’ invention, these treasured memories went outside of their subconscious and were displayed on a physical copy.

Images conquer the lives of the people and become part of everything they do. For every occasion, cameras and cell phones became a must to capture every moment of these special times. Even with the evolution of technology, the process of creating images or pictures evolved alongside it. Now, images can be collected and protected by changing them into PDF. 

Images as PDF Files

Images now exist in different formats like PNG or JPEG, and these digital copies were converted or saved into PDF to protect better their quality and the changes made to the picture. However, it soon became a problem because PDF files were harder to edit than other documents. It is also hard to convert PDF to PNG in particular. 

If this is true to your current situation, you can now stop worrying about converting it back to its image format. GogoPDF has an online tool that can transform your PDF file back into its former PNG format and for free. It will also save you the hassle it will take because the entire process only lasts for a few minutes. 

Convert it Easily From PDF to PNG

GogoPDF provides the user’s instructions for easy conversion of their PDF files into PNG. It is divided into four stages for a hassle-free conversion procedure. These steps are also visible as they are displayed mainly on the website’s page to see it upon loading GogoPDF on your device.

The process begins by selecting the PDF file you wish to convert back to PNG. GogoPDF allows you to drag it from your folder to the website’s toolbox if it is easier for you. After dropping, GogoPDF will take over and analyze the contents and start the extraction process.

Two options will appear once the second stage is done. You can either convert the entire page or extract each page into single images. Choose one of the two options by clicking the choose option button below the choices and wait for the system to process your request. 

The third may or may not take a while, depending on the PDF’s size and the number of under conversion images. For the third stage, you need to wait and wait for the process to finish. Once finished, the system will display the choices you can take, whether you want to download it and share it with your friends.

The finished PNG file can be downloaded on your device to the folder of your choice or save on your Dropbox or Google Drive account. When it comes to sharing it with your friends, you can send it to them by copying the link generated by the system and sending it through email, or your social media accounts, like WhatsApp or Twitter. 

Advantage of Using GogoPDF

From the start-up to save it to your device, the website’s usage is entirely free and will only depend on your internet connection’s speed to conduct the conversion. Its affordability is undoubtedly of the question with it being free, the next concern for the users is the security of the PDF files that they will upload once they use GogoPDF.

GogoPDF is deeply committed to protecting its users’ data and is convicted on valuing the trust and confidence these users have entrusted to them. Its privacy policy mandates the system to delete all files uploaded to its servers automatically after an hour. This deletion prevents any use of loss of data or uses for any purpose without the owner’s permission. 

You can be sure that the website can be opened and run using your device because it supports all major operating systems, like Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is also compatible with all popular internet browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. The process takes place online and does not require any installation of applications or software. 


Having a website that can convert your PDF files back into PNG files is undoubtedly a huge help. GogoPDF provides a user-friendly environment and conversion steps for all its users. Enjoy using GogoPDF’s online tool and convert your PDF files back into PNG files and reminisce your treasure memories together with your friends.


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